Transfer Ticket




What is this?

A Transfer Ticket allows you to transfer your entire account stats, including coins, friends, leaderboard stats and everything else to a new username.

So, If you are bored with your current IGN (In Game Name) and want to change it to a new one, but don’t want to start from the begininng again, then this item is for you.

How do I use it?

1- Join the servers, and check if the desired username isn’t already registered by someone else, you can do that by typing the command: /transfername check [username] on the chat.
2- Once purchased, type /transfername [New Username]
3- If the username is available, it will ask your password to proceed, just type it directly on the chat, done!

Additional info

Is my old Username going to be deleted?
No, Your previous account will just be locked, so no one can use it again, however all your stats will remain untouched, and you can return back to the old username anytime without losing your progress by getting another Transfer Ticket.

Your purchase help us to keep BrokenLens up and running, and will motivate us to improve your gaming experience even more!

Got any issues with your purchase? please contact us at [email protected] and we will try our best to solve the problem, this contact email is exclusive for store support, anything else will be ignored! use our Forums for general support.