Why OITC is a great game to improve skill.

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    OITC is a great game for the pe players to develop, and I’m one of those who have developed. OITC, or One In The Chamber is about who the last man in the chamber. What are the weapons you might ask, there is a bow nicknamed, The Headshotter (idrk) that is your most lethal weapon by insta killing your opponents in one shot!

    Then there is the Murderstick (lol from mm) a sharpness 1 or 2 iron sword with unbreaking 5. This weapon only does 2 and a half hearts of damage (depending what you’re playing on). This is your favorite melee weapon, used to land combos on people. Then, what the pro players mostly use, the Noobie Finder. This lets you teleport to a nearby person so you can sneak attack them. This is a very good item and can easily surprise your opponents. Lastly, there is a radar at the top of your screen, use that so you’ll know when your opponents are close or far on you. If you are reading this, use this as a guide, good bye!
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