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(tutorial) what to post here

Discussion in 'Support' started by Austinredstoner, Nov 21, 2020 at 8:51 PM.

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    Today I'm gonna be explaining what u can post here
    Changing your forums name:
    U can only change it if it matches your minecraft name for example since my minecraft name is Austinredstoner I would says can I have my forums name changed to my minecraft name Austinredstoner after that than u have to wait for staffs to respond than you're done
    Getting the yt rank
    Method 1 Their to different ways to get the rank first go into the server then do /youtube channel name than your email please note u have to have the 1,000 subscribers and brokenlens contact's to get it
    Method 2 go to the support section then give you're youtube channel link and say something like this for example
    My youtube channel link is www.youtube.com/channel/UCxWJkPxZ1-3GfrFrv4NKryx this link is fake so don't try it than say your channel name my channel name is Red The car this isn't a real name just using it as a example than wait for a response to see if you're eligible or not to receive the yt rank there your done
    Birthday change:
    During the sign up progress u may have accidentally put in your wrong birthday don't be worry staffs can help u here
    For example can I have my birthday changed to March 11 2005 I put in the wrong date by accident than wait for a staff to respond then there your birthday has changed
    Password reset
    To change your password it has to say welcome back not welcome to so if u don't have a screen shot saying something like welcome back then staffs will not rest you're password because they don't have enough proof u own the account for example can I have my password to be reset than send them the welcome back screenshot to give them proof u own the account than yours done just wait for a staff to respond then there your password has been reset
    Asking for a thread deleted:
    If u want a thread deleted this is the right place first u have to know that the thread has to be made by u first paste the link of the thread
    Example if I want this thread to be deleted I would say can I have this thread be deleted please https://www.brlns.net/forums/threads/reply-does-not-work.127899/ then staffs will delete the thread
    I hope this helps and have a great day
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