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Tips For Winning.At TNTTag

Discussion in 'TNT Games General Discussion' started by ZackTLG, Apr 14, 2016.

  1. ZackTLG

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    Hi Its Me ZackTLG.This is a A Tips for Winning at TNTTag.
    1.If You Play TNTTag.You Can Start Into a Bomber or a Runner.If You Are a Runner.Run Far and Hide In a Place.If Your a Bomber.When You Spawn At The Minigame Map.Tap The Player at The Map Faster so You Can Be a Runner.
    2.If Your Being Followed by a Bomber.Go To a Near Player That is a Runner.So The Bomber Will Tag Him And Done.
    Thats All.8)
  2. Dino_Diagnosis

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    Also pray a chunk in front of you loads when running

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