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The End

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by BenitezClλnce4, Oct 20, 2020.

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    「Nᴏw ᴘʟᴀʏɪɴɢ: C418 - The End

    You have managed to locate a Stronghold, deep underground. You have wandered around the Stronghold for hours, then Minecraft plays. But, as you are almost approaching the portal room, the music begins to corrupt. Then, as you approached the portal room, every eye placed, the music gets distorted more and more, to the point that there's one eye to place left. After placing the last eye, the music is completely corrupted, and it has BSOD'd, and as you jump through the portal, the music stops... You have approached...

    The End...

    There, a massive floating island is infront of you, and on what you're standing, is a relatively small floating obsidian platform. And right infront of you, is the greatest challenge that you'll face: The Ender Dragon, roaring all of her might, flying around, and the Crystals shooting beams at her, healing her during the process. You grabbed your first stack of cobblestone, and began to bridge to the island, as strangely enough, it's exact location is unknown, but it's space-like, somehow has same gravity as the Earth's. You kept bridging to the main island, until you made a first step, on an End Stone. You mined your way up safely, without looking at any eyes of an Enderman. Then, the Dragon shot her first fireball, releasing an acid-like substance upon impact, which is extremely harmful for anyone who came across it. So you ran away from the fireball's path, and managed to avoid it's acid.

    You heard a leitmotif, about some soundtrack, that you can barely recognize——Dry Hands. You pulled out your bow, and begin to take down the first End Crystal, which is relatively easy to aim at. Then, you no longer hear the Dry Hands leitmotif, and you heard another soundtrack. You shot your first arrow, towards the crystal. And it exploded. The Dragon begins to make her descent, and begins to breathe acid, infront of her. You decided to deal some damage to her. But as you dealt damage to her, you heard voices, telling you to stay strong, stay determined, and other positive quotes. And a music, the iconic music of them all: Sweden. Then, the Dragon flew away, damaging you in the process, as you get thrown towards the ground, a couple of feet away.

    However, the Crystals healed her wounds, so you take note about those Crystals, and it should be taken down, immediately. But, as soon as you looked down, you accidentally stared at an Enderman, and it got enraged, approaching towards you, as it's mouth is opened. You pulled out your shield, and hit it once, but, it teleported away, but, something hit you sharply from behind—the same Enderman that got enraged. You got dropped to the ground, as you got hit from the Enderman, and blocked it's attack with a shield. You then make a couple of hits on the Enderman with your Diamond Sword, and it died, dropping a pearl with mysterious power.

    The same pearl that you used for making the Eyes of Ender. You decided to throw it away, but as soon as it breaks, you got teleported to where the pearl got broken. You decided to kill some endermen after you took out all the nine other crystals that are left standing. But, however, as you have two other crystals to take down, and have plenty of pearls, the two crystals are secured by iron bars. So, you are aware about the dragon, and begin to tower up to the first secured pillar, and take down the crystal on what's inside. But, the Dragon is approaching, about to shoot a fireball, as you have two choices: Mine down, or throw a pearl to safety. But, time's running out, so you immediately throw a pearl to the ground, nearby the final pillar. You got thrown by the Dragon, and got teleported next to the pillar, and some of the cobblestone tower got destroyed by her, and the top of the first secured pillar is now filled with acid.

    So you quickly tower up and destroyed the final crystal, and pearled down to safety, but dealt some damage. Now all of the Crystals are destroyed, you changed your helmet to a carved pumpkin, as you already know that they can't see your eyes within the carved pumpkin. Now, time to face the final step: defeating the Ender Dragon herself. You pulled out a bow that replicates arrows, and began to shoot her, there's nothing to heal her now.

    Music changes, leitmotifs switching, glitches, as the battle continues, but, you heard Minecraft, but extremely distorted. The Dragon makes her second descent, so you pulled out your sword, and damage the dragon.

    Hit by hit, damage by damage, the music still plays. But, however, you got fireballed by the dragon, causing you to scream in extreme pain as you get out from the acid. You are bleeding badly, so you immediately pulled out a potion of healing, and drank 2, to heal yourself. So you get up, and continue the fight.

    Hours later, the Dragon is very low, and can be killed in a single sword hit left. You wait for her descent, and killed her once and for all. Flesh popping, and explosions are happening around her, and rays of light is beginning to shine from her wounds, signing that The End is about to be free. After 7 seconds, the Dragon drops to the ground, making a large explosion, destroying her body, leaving nothing, but her skeleton, and debris around the explosion site.

    [PLAYER] has made the advancement [Free The End].

    At last, The End is finally free, to say, at least. At the exit portal, you saw an Egg, you touched the egg, and it teleported behind you, as you tried to grab it. So you mined a few feet, place the torch under the Egg and the end stone, and mined the stone, causing the Egg to be obtainable. You grabbed the Egg, and cherish it as a trophy.

    [PLAYER] has made the advancement [The Next Generation].

    After a while, Minecraft begins to play, but it keeps looping after a couple of seconds. So you went through the portal, and the music stops, and the vinyl stops as well. Then, you are at a pitch black void, and you asked yourself:

    "Where, am I?"

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    This is more characters than my states writing exam. ᕦ⁞ ✿ ᵒ̌ ᴥ ᵒ̌ ✿ ⁞ᕤ
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