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The Complete FAQ Thread

Discussion in 'FAQ' started by LightningFire96, Jul 22, 2017.

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  1. LightningFire96

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    Hi! I'm making this thread as the largest thread with answers to every question I can think of.​

    Who are all the staff members?
    There are 6 categories of staff members.
    OWNER: @vertx.
    ADMINS: @WarriorGirl3333, @edwjusti, @Springtrap_123, and @Flowingmedia.
    GLOBAL MODERATORS: @Laura_Aria, @Ray_Palmer_Atom, @XxLiazaliaxX, @OfficialJoey, @ZikoGaming, and @LeonaPlayz.
    TRIALS: @HazardTheDutchAD, @ssunsett, and @DrollTheTroll.
    HELPERS: @DarkTdmPlays, @ItsKylie, @RiceBun, @ender_bintang, and @Aypi.
    BUILDERS: @AlessaFF, @Jaskirat

    What is a Notable Member and how do I become one?
    There are 4 ranks of members on the forums.
    NEW MEMBER: Everyone starts as a new member.

    MEMBER: You get the member tag after you post 30 messages.
    ACTIVE MEMBER: You get the active member tag after posting 60 messages.
    NOTABLE MEMBER: You get the notable member tag after posting 160 messages.

    What are the Trophies?
    You get trophies after completing certain achievements on the forums. Here's a list of trophies: https://www.brlns.net/forums/help/trophies.

    What are the server IPs and ports?
    For all servers the IPs are the same: play.brlns.net. The ports are different for each server and can be found in the thread linked to above.

    What are dynamic servers and their IPs and ports?
    Dynamic servers have the same ports as the regular servers, but a different IP address. The IP is us2.brlns.net. Dynamic servers tend to be less laggy as less people know the IP address.

    How do I reset my password?
    To reset your password, make a conversation with a Global Moderator and/or an Admin. Provide proof that you own the account, preferably with a screenshot of the "Welcome back ___!" message. If you don't have that, provide stats that only you would know, such as your friends, coins, or wins on a certain game.

    How do I get the YouTube rank?
    Type /youtube in game and fill out the information it asks for. If that doesn't work, make a conversation with a Global Moderator and/or an Admin. Provide proof that you own the YouTube account, preferably with a screenshot of you logged in to your YouTube account.

    How can I get my forum account's username/birthday changed?
    Make a conversation with an Admin (WarriorGirl3333 and/or Springtrap_123) requesting a username/birthday change.

    Why are my commands not working, and how do I fix them?
    If whenever you type a command you get the "Unknown command. Try /help for a list of commands." error, do > instead of /.

    How do I submit a map I've created to BrokenLens?
    Threads: IOS ANDROID

    How do I get a rank?
    You can get a rank by buying one in the shop. Gold is $5 (valid for 30 days), Diamond is $10 (valid for 90 days), and Emerald is $25 (valid forever).

    How do I get colored chat?
    You can get colored chat if you are a staff member or VIP (VIPs are people with the Gold, Diamond, or Emerald rank). Simply type /color chat or /color nick to choose the color of you chat or nick (username). Type /color help or just /color to see a list of colors you can use.

    How do I switch stats to a new username?
    To switch stats to a new username, you can buy a transfer ticket. Transfer tickets cost $2.50.

    How do I add more friend slots?
    To add more friend slots, you can buy the +100 friend slots ticket, or a rank.

    How do I become a staff member?
    As of the creation of this post, BrokenLens is not recruiting staff members. You can, however, apply to be a builder. You can apply for being a builder by making a conversation with vertx and WarriorGirl3333.

    Thank you for reading, and I hope I helped! :D
    Please let me know if I missed anything.​
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    Please don't spam threads. Many players have already made these types of threads
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