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The Aftermath

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by BenitezClλnce4, Dec 21, 2020.

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    a side story i guess. :p
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    It's finally over... A ton of scrap and robots that are laying on the ground, completely motionless, and shut down after all the lead, explosives, and any other weaponry that prevented the robots from completing their objective—to destroy on what's left behind on the Liberator's main base.

    It's now the time for the Liberators to feel their freedom, and their victory. But, what will be the fate of mankind after the robots have taken over the world, except for this land, the land of the free, where the final battle took place, and where humanity has successfully destroyed the machinery which took almost the entire world.

    The damage is catastrophic, after the war, since they wandered the world, to see the aftermath. Frankly enough, there are plenty of survivors out there. Which, they thought they cannot survive this operation on liberating the world. They were taken refuge after that.

    But, the ones who have their lives lost during the final conquest, will never be forgotten. Their strife against the robots will be in history, along with the ones who joined the cause.

    Date finished: 4:26PM (GMT +8:00)
    Word count: (TBD)
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