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Texturepack & Recent MC Update Bug

Discussion in 'Minecraft' started by aliiien, Dec 13, 2020.

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    I usually don't come on the forums on weekends but this has been such a big issue with me this weekend- so ever since the recent 1.16.200 Minecraft Update I've been having so many bugs and issues and its really not just within the Minecraft server.
    I just recently got some new texture packs for myself on MC and the next day the update had happened- I guess it auto updated. But it had messed with my custom skin packs (which ive fixed now) and my texture packs (which aren't fixed) I enjoy playing with my texture packs and simply wish for this issue to be fixed... I've tried almost everything I can think of atm but nothing seems to be working... I've tried deleting and re-installing the texture packs - but it didnt work- I tried getting a new different texture pack - still didnt work-

    you may be asking "What's wrong with the texture packs?" let me show you...

    For this example I'll be using Pastelic V2 (mint)
    Screenshot (936).png

    Usually I can't have multiple applications open otherwise my Minecraft will crash or my whole PC would freeze and I'd have to reset it but I just reset it and opened chrome before opening Minecraft.

    In this photo you can kinda see everything is actually pretty fine! except for the courser... The black square around the courser really bothers and and I find it really annoying and in the way.. before the update there was no square...

    Screenshot (938).png

    In the following images you can see theres something wrong with the sky textures which is again to me very bothersome as I'm sure it would be to others. I've tried this out on a different texture pack that isn't a Pastelic texture pack and the skys along with the courser have the same issue.

    Screenshot (939).png
    Screenshot (940).png

    If anyone has a way to allow me to fix this please let me know!

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