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Solved SW Hacker

Discussion in 'Player Reports' started by GrowlingLynx861, Aug 3, 2019.

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  1. GrowlingLynx861

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    5FD8A7C8-1E6A-4757-AF6F-BD1E080BFC57.png 9AB804B4-E401-4016-B8A3-A378D2C12262.png 20D3A8C4-9082-443A-8C29-9C9FCCA43CC0.png IGN: FelineGrain8441
    Reason: Cheating
    Server: SkyWars

    Fly hacking, and as you can see, the play earlier in their battle had 33 health, and after being hit, had 58... :/
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  2. _PineappleDeath_

    _PineappleDeath_ ⊰ BrokenLens Staff ⊱ Staff Member Admin

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    Thanks for the report!
    This user has been banned.
    Enjoy your time on BrokenLens! :)
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