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Suggestion For Murder Mystery!

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Ideas' started by Techno35, May 28, 2017.

What way you wan't for BrokenLens to add in Murder Mystery for you to Track the Bow Easily?

This poll will close on May 28, 2027 at 4:39 AM.
  1. A Thunderstrike that falls down from the sky and get tracked by other Players

    1 vote(s)
  2. A Compass that will appear on your hotbar that tracks the Detective's Gun

    0 vote(s)
  3. All of the Above

    0 vote(s)
  4. The Current One (Nametag "Detective's Gun" and Little bit Particles)

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  1. Techno35

    Techno35 New Member

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    Suggestion for Murder Mystery:
    - Innocents should get Compass when the bow is dropped.
    - Filter these words in chat: Murderer, Knife, and more that is related to Murder.
    (This is for lesser unfair gameplay. Innocents says "Murderer is the panda guy" "Murderer is the girl with blue skirt". It is unfair for murderer.)
    (Can also Mute the Chat for Deective and The Innocent. Deactivate also the command /trm) (Not sure if it is correct)
    - Murderer should get compass when 3 and below innocents are left.
    - Murderer can throw swords by right clicking or holding the screen that will give alot of help.
    - Before the Game starts, add percentage on how many chances you will get getting Murderer or Sheriff.
    - If the Sheriff and the Bow is dropped, there will be Lightning on the Sky so Innocent can track the Bow easily.
    - Add Iron, Diamond, and Emerald. Each will gonna be valuable just like Gold. They can upgrade your Bow and Knife.
    - Add perks that will be available for everyone.
    - Maximum of Gold Limit is 10 Gold
    - Every 5 Gold = 1 Arrow (Before it begins to craft an arrow, you should buy the Bow first)
    - If you got 10 Gold = Bow (There will be 2 items in your inventory if you have 10 Golds. One is "Craft the Bow (10 Golds)" and another one is "Craft an Arrow (5 Golds)". Everytime you buy something, the damage of Bow will increase.)
    - Replace the Golden Hoe with Bow
    - Add Mystery Potions that costs 1 Gold. It can be negative effect or positive effect. It should be in every map.

    - Regeneration (15s)
    - Invisibility (5s) (Cannot be Hurt by the Murderer's Knife)
    - Speed II (30s) (Deals More Damage On murderer's Blade)
    - Resistance (30s)

    - Nausea II (60s)
    - Slowness (50s)
    - Poison I (15s)

    - Add more Damage in Murderer's Blade. During this time, it will take 2 hits before the Innocent dies.
    - Detective can track Murderer footsteps. It will only appear if the Murderer is 10 Blocks Away.
    - Add more Lobby Servers. Some people can't join Murder Mystery because some of the servers are Full.
    - Add more Maps. Maps that are smaller and harder.
    - In every map there will be Teleporter, Mystery Cauldron, Rollercoaster, Gold Miner, and Car Rentals. Each will cost 1 Gold Ingot and some will cost 2-3 Gold Ingot.
    - Upgrades! Upgrades for Bow and Knife.
    For Bow:
    - Longer Shot (3 Golden Ingot)
    - Sharpened Arrows (5 Golden Ingot)
    - Gold Locator (10 Golden Ingot)
    - Particle Trail (1 Diamond) (Helpful when you hit the Murderer and runs away. It will leave Particle Track)
    - Much Sharpened Arrows (5 Diamond)
    - Healing Arrows (10 Diamond) (Helpful when you accidently hit an Innocent. It won't die but it will heal. It might hurt a little bit but it is helpful for wounded Innocents)
    - Poison Arrows (1 Emerald) (Helpful when hitting the Murderer. Murderer will get Poison IV for about 1.5 seconds)
    - Much Longer Shot (5 Emerald)
    - Magnetified Arrows (10 Emerald) (Helpful when finding the Murderer. It will go and stick to the Murderer. If it lands, it is done.)

    For Knife:
    - Knife Throw (5 Golden Ingot) (Deals Half of The Damage of the Sword)
    - Longer Throw (3 Iron Ingot)
    - Sharpenned Tip (10 Iron Ingot)
    - Lifesteal (5 Golden Ingot) (Hitting Innocent or the Sheriff will Heal Yourself)
    - Poisoned Tip (10 Golden Ingot) (Hitting Innocent will deal Poison II for 10 Seconds)
    - Magnetified Sword (5 Emerald) (Throwing a sword will gonna stick to an Innocent or the Sheriff)

    What's your suggestion? :D

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