Strange pvp after update

Discussion in 'Support' started by Bearrel, Nov 2, 2019.

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    I am not sure what exactly this is. So yesterday I was playing skywars, and went into combat with this player, and his pvp was messed up. He did more damage with a wooden sword than my iron sword and we both had the same armor. Also, some of his hits were a bit unnatural and strange as if he was using hacks, but it didn't feel like hacks. Unfortunately, I could not take a video at that moment. My first thought was that he's probably a win 10 player, because he has pretty good cps and aim. But then I remembered vertx saying that the nerf on win 10 does not allow them to do a lot of damage if they click super fast, so that guy can't be a win 10. He might have been a Java player, which leads to my question: do Java players have the same nerf as win 10? If they do, then this guy is probably hacking, but if they don't then the pvp system might have been affected by the new update.
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    Java player PvP was better that windows 10 player.
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    Wrong they nerfed java like you hit your enemy with Only fist even u have good items

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