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So... The 5 Year Map?

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by Cyber45, Jan 11, 2017.

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    This map is very nostalgic and very rewarding. It will be updated monthly and be known for many great adventure's.

    But the question is. What happened? This map takes you to an abandoned world that's makes most of it a taiga, snowy or an ordinary forest. I have been through most of it seeing it's remains or *ahem* constructing it.

    The place will hold dear what I see in my head, and what I find to be quite an interesting concept.

    But to be warned. I am not very fond of "Angry Company" in my Temple. If you do happen to go across it without alerting my guardians will learn a deep treasure. One that not many have seen in one before...

    Without giving much away, you are set off to Explore, Solve and Know about what I see fit. Without many people ruining the fun. This 5 Year anniversary map is recommended for solo wolves. If you are feeling lucky go into the Hard Mode and find your grave quickly. Or set off in Peaceful and explore at will.

    Remember, Guardians are not afraid of any company.

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