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Discussion in 'Minor Announcements' started by WarriorGirl3333, Aug 26, 2020.

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    Hey everyone! I'm making this thread to let you all know that we have a new type of staff member that we're calling 'server mods'. They will have ranks/perms on the server, but not the forums. We're starting out with 4 of them :p
    Their responsibilities will pretty much just be to help out on server, looking for/banning people breaking rules, helping players who need help, etc.
    To start with, they're going to have the normal helper rank on the server and none on forums, but we will most likely make them a rank for the forums that doesn't have perms, but identifies them as a staff member. And if we feel they need their own rank on the server we may add that as well, but this is kind of a test run, so we'll get feedback from our new staff and make changes as needed :D @joongie @utopiia @_HamsomeHam_ @Angi_MSG
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    i'm very, very late, but congrats everyone! i can't wait for you all to become admins!! :`)
    nonetheless, congrats! i know you all will do well! ♡
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