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My own solution to the food controversy

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Ideas' started by MarvelB0i, Dec 12, 2019.

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  1. MarvelB0i

    MarvelB0i Notable Member

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    The "Food heals you" thing in BRLNS has been a controversy for a while now. Some people like this different system of PVP meanwhile others say it's too much about how much food a player has. I think I have a good solution to the controversey that allows food to still be viable, but not have it where most food wins fights.
    My idea is to have food that heals you any more health than that of a cooked fish, have a slight cooldown (1.5 sec good?), and a shorter cooldown for food that heals less. (0.75 sec good?). In order in combat for food to still be viable, I propose a new type of input a player can preform called a "FoodParry" Right when a player begins the input to consume food, and a player hits them, in a small period of time, when the input is begun, the player consuming the food, can block the opponents attack with the food like that of a shield, and the food they are eating will instantly be consumed if the parry was successful, as well as the consumer of the food, being given a few frames of advantage via, a very small invincibility period (0.75 to 1 sec maybe?), where the player who did the parry suffers no knockback or damage, putting them into an advantage state.
    If you are confused and you want elaboration ask me in the comments for it. I hope you like this idea, saying I think it's pretty good.
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  2. SplashingPaint836

    SplashingPaint836 Notable Member

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    The food parry is cool. Nerf food is very good. Cool down is whatever i’m slow at eating food anyways. Making food rarer could be good since food is almost everywhere and I suggest to remove useless food like raw food and vegetables that barely give you health and pufferfish because it gets distracting (for me) except for melons.
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