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Murder Mystery op spot

Discussion in 'MurderMystery General Discussion' started by L Lawliet, Sep 26, 2017.

  1. L Lawliet

    L Lawliet New Member

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    If you go on the brick map, jump up from the swing set to the ledge, jump down, and sneak around the outer rim, you can see a couple lines of quartz stairs on the building. You can even jump to them, or go lower. It's pretty op for innocents because you can hide there forever and murd doesn't wanna fall so they won't come. I think the mods should put a barrier around that area or something, it seems unintentional. You do die if you jump off the stairs, but it's a bit too easy for an innocent to parkour up and down there and go afk and win. Only seen one other player on it but still op.
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  2. XThomasXPlayzX

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    Uhh, this isn't a new spot whatsoever. I've seen at least five people go there per game. Thx for the thread anyways.
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