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[MURDER MYSTERY] Murder Mystery Idea

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Ideas' started by BasicVR, Mar 28, 2018.

Murder Mystery should show the chances of you becoming murderer or sheriff .

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  1. BasicVR

    BasicVR New Member

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    Think about it. Most players always are picked innocents and rarely get the chance of being murd or sheriff. A personal experience of mine was being innocent for 30 times straight in a row (yes hun I was counting I wanted to see how long I would be inno till I got a sheriff or murd role). The point is, it would be really nice if we knew the chances of getting chosen murd or sheriff because it sucks being inno for so long. To the point we might as well quit if where always gonna be inno . Another reason is because a few weeks ago (legit) there was this player who I forgot the name (sorry but I think it was wolfox23 not entirely sure) who kept being chosen as murd like wHAt?!?? HOww ?? So yeah, plz add in mm the chances of you getting murd or sheriff .

    So my main point is, when we’re (the players) waiting in the lobby to play, there should be on the bottom screen of our device the percents/chance we can become murd or sheriff. This will definitely help broken lens a lot and most especially MM and the players. owo

    (Please nu hateful comments this was just an idea and also I’m new lull)
  2. EVILBANANA12345

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