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    Man I’m on a roll with these.
    This one is a little special. It has two endings. Whichever one you pick, or if you read both, is up to you.

    Read this if you don’t know what Hanahaki is, since it’ll help you understand a little more;
    Hanahaki is basically a disease one gets when they are in a one-sided love. The person with the disease will cough up flower petals until the person the fell for loves them back (it can’t be strong friendship, only romantic love) or they can have a operation to have it removed. However, the operation also removes the feelings toward the person they once loved. If neither of the two happen, the person dies.

    Ren laid on his bed, tears silently streaming down his face. In his hand he held several white rose petals. It was the middle of the night and there was no way Ren would be falling asleep anytime soon. These rose petals meant he had fallen for someone, that someone being his best friend Lily. He couldn’t believe he had fallen for her let alone had started coughing up petals. As Ren laid there thinking of all the possibilities, morning soon rolled around.

    Ren showed up to school looking terrible. He didn’t sleep at all and was constantly afraid of suddenly coughing up petals, especially around Lily. Speaking of Lily, he tried to avoid her as best as possible. He didn’t want her to know, so he would hide it as long as he could. Time would only tell how long he could hide it.

    It was the last class of the day and Ren managed to keep the petals hidden when he coughed them up. However, Lily was in this class. He was afraid he couldn’t hide it much longer. While in his own world worrying, a pair of hands covered his eyes. He let out a sigh and smiled, knowing it was Lily. The two sat down and joked around until the bell rang, signaling the start of class. With Lily paying attention to the teacher, he slowly began to relax.

    When class ended, Lily and Ren walked home since they lived the same way. Ren felt petals and even thorns fighting their way up his throat. He quickly ran towards an alleyway, coughing up everything stuck in his throat. He was hoping Lily didn’t follow him, but knew better when he heard fast steps coming his way. He turned to meet her worried expression. Suddenly everything started spinning for Ren, and he fell to the ground. Lily ran to him terribly worried and called an ambulance.

    When Ren woke up in the hospital, he was alone. The only sound he could hear was the beeping of the machines in the room with him. Ren looked around, slowly remembering what had happened to him. ‘Where is Lily?’ he wondered. A knock at the door kept him from thinking more about her. It was a doctor who looked a little worried.
    “Glad to see you’re awake now, Ren.” said the doctor. He adjusted his glasses and looked at the boy. Ren knew what was about to come just from his look.
    “Ren, you and I both know what you have. It’s dangerous to not take the operation at this point, the disease has intensified rapidly.” the doctor looked at his papers, waiting for a reply from Ren. Ren stayed silent a moment, then looked out the window to see some lilies in bloom. He sighed, “I’ll take the operation.”

    Two weeks after the operation, Ren was finally able to go home. He had stopped coughing petals and felt back to his usual self. Once he arrived home, he found Lily waiting outside for him. She had a mixed look of worry but also relief. She walked up to Ren and hugged him, “I’m so sorry. I’m glad you’re okay now.” she mumbled.
    Ren just hugged back, unsure what to say. Lily let him go first, and insisted he go inside and rest. Ren, not going to object to some sleep, thanked her and went inside.

    Once Ren was inside, Lily coughed. She looked at her hand, and in it she held a white rose petal.
    She stared at it, terrified.

    When Ren woke up, he found Lily sitting next to him. She was asleep, but he could tell she hadn’t been getting enough sleep lately. He suddenly felt bad, did she really stay by him this whole time? Ren then noticed a heaviness in his chest was no longer present. Ren was soon distracted by a knock at the door. It was a doctor, who had a smile and hopeful look on his face. Lily woke up just in time to hear what was about to be said.
    “Good morning Ren. Despite everything you’ve been through, you’ll be okay. I can find no sign of the disease in you, so it’s fair to say you’re cured.” With that, the doctor smiled again and left the two alone.

    Ren looked over, expecting Lily to still be sleeping but instead found her smiling at him. Without saying a word, Lily got up and hugged Ren. She quietly said, “I’m sorry I made you go through that. I’ll be here for you now.”
    Ren couldn’t do anything but smile as he felt tears well up in his eyes. He let out a small laugh at how stupid he probably looked when he was about to cry.
    “I love you, Lily.”
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    Who’s in the story
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    Oh my god, I actually love this so much! The story is so beautifully written and I love both endings. Honestly, you are so talented! You should be so proud of yourself xx
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    Great job Icy!!!! Now i have to look for story#2 which i somehow missed! I liked both endings but i am a sucker for a happy ending so you know which one i liked more!
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