How to play TNT Run (Thomas' Style)

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    Hello, my name is Thomas, and it's a pleasure to see you viewing my thread on how to play TNT Run.

    I am no stranger to this game, but I am kinda bad at the game sometimes (ehem lag). However, allow me to teach you ways to play TNT Run.

    1. Sprint and jump carefully at the the beginning of a match.
    Many of you have seen the popular Minecraft PC event, Minecraft Monday, and have seen Technoblade doing walk n' jumps. This is a good technique but not at the beginning of a match.
    What you should do at the beginning is sprint at the very beginning and jump at correct times. To determine these times you should jump, practice is a good element for TNT Run.

    2. Avoid cutting off people if you can barely mantain yourself on the first floor for at least 15 seconds.
    Although cutting off players is fun and eliminates the competition, it is a risky technique. Place an autoexam into process and ponder about yourself, "Am I good at video games?" If you are not, do not worry! Cutting people off is an effective technique, but you don't have to do it. Stay safe and keep away from your opponents, for they might try the cutting off strategy. Like this, you will be minding your own business and wait for your opponents to cut each other off. This may help you keep yourself safe on the first floor.

    3. Walk n' Jumps (or One-Block Jumps).
    Ahhh yes, this is the best technique ever. PC and PE users can agree about this. Once you lack blocks for normal sprinting and jumping, Walk n' Jumps enter the scenario. Walk n' Jumps consist of you walking and jumping on one block, per time. Yes, it may be useful, but also risky when it comes to sprint-only jumps.
    TNT Run is basically sharpening your skills of parkour, and yes, parkour is a main strategy in TNT Run. Although Walk n' Jumps save blocks, you can still miss jumps and walk when a jump required sprinting. You see, a block on which you jump on will dissapear about 0.75 seconds after you jumped on it, so you must be quick and clever to manage the difficult sprint and walk jumps.
    The disadvantages of this technique being done near other players is that they make cut you off by jumping swiftly. They'll jump and land first and you'll fall. If you do this technique in a place where there are so much blocks and ypu barely even have to jump, a level 12 player will cut you off. Not kidding, they'll jump to what would be the next block you'd land in and destroy you.

    4. Do not fear high-level players all the time.
    Currently, I'm at about level 235. If you see me, don't fear me and leave the game, you may have a chance of beating me. Even GeoSlayer69, oh wait, nevermind, you should fear him (he's OP at the game), but not leave. It's a fun experience playing with high level players. Just fear the ones who are in the leaderboards of AllTime or Month. Just sayin', fear the good people, they're good at video games. It's their main thing, you may not be able to defeat them.

    Well, that's about it, thank you for viewing my thread!
    Sincerely, Thomas Wilson
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    The thing of the floor falling is wrong, it takes a time to the floor fall and bait (cut off people) and it's hard to do it, and usually players are being so good at this game and it's hard to win! Stay walking on 1st isn't a good idea, you can fall direct in void, or get a time out. Good techniques thought

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