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Flicker S2 // Night 5 (Murder/Mafia Game)

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by luisg2YT, Jun 1, 2020.

Who Is The Murderer?

  1. Wishing

  2. blackjana

  3. _HamTastic_

  4. QZI

  5. ilikethaifood

  6. StormyLyn

  7. steamed

  8. Bearrel

  9. B3N

  10. Sphynxx

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  1. luisg2YT

    luisg2YT Notable Member

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    Welcome To Night 4 Flicker!
    Last Night, Player @HamsomeDorito Has Been Voted Out

    Time Ticks By...

    The Lights Flicker And Turn Off

    You Hear The Power Generator Turning Back On!

    OH NO! It Appears
    1 Has Died!
    @Avicii Was
    Wacked By A Bugguette (Thanks For The Suggestion Jana)
    It Appears Our Investigator Is No Longer Here!
    There Is
    No Lead To The Investigation!

    Take This Information And Think!

    Its Time To Vote For Who You Think Is The Murderer
    If You Vote Correctly, You Win
    If You Vote Wrong, The Person You Voted Will Be Eliminated


    Murderer - Kill Everyone Without Suspicion
    Investigator - The Lead Of The Investigation ( Vote Counts Twice)
    Twin - 2 People Are Assigned This Role, If Your Twin Dies YOU DIE If Your Twin Is Healed YOU ARE PROTECTED
    Physic - Each Night You Can Look At Someone's Role
    Medic - Each Night Choose Someone To Protect
    Survivor - You're Just Innocent


    1) VOTED SURVIVOR @xFire_

    2) ALIVE @wishing
    3) VOTED SURVIVOR @lizuwu
    4) VOTED TWIN @Befib
    5) DEAD SURVIVOR @Steva177
    6) ALIVE @blackjana
    7) DEAD PHYSIC @AllyMac_
    8) DEAD INVESTIGATOR @vintagerose
    9) ALIVE @_HamTastic_
    10) DEAD TWIN @_HamsomeHam_
    11) DEAD SURVIVOR @zVenus
    12) ALIVE @QZI
    13) ALIVE @ilikethaifood
    14) ALIVE @StormyLyn
    15) ALIVE @steamed
    16) ALIVE @Bearrel
    17) DEAD SURVIVOR @Avicii
    18) ALIVE @B3N
    19) VOTED SURVIVOR @HamsomeDorito
    20) ALIVE @Sphynxx

    Roles Left:
    Murderer (x1)
    Medic (x1)
    Survivor (x8)

    Who Is The, Murderer? VOTE NOW!
    The Poll Is Now Above! ^^^ (Now That 10 Remain)
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  2. luisg2YT

    luisg2YT Notable Member

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    By The Way, My Vote In The Poll Doesnt Count As I Just Look At The Results
    (-1 Vote From Sphy)
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