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Emerald Rank

Discussion in 'Support' started by aliiien, Aug 6, 2020.

  1. aliiien

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    Hello, a few months ago I had gotten a name change on BrokenLens and I've not been active on the forums much lately, and today I went to my information tab on my profile and saw it still said my old name and then I quickly realized my Emerald rank hadn't been showing on my forums post, so I was curious if a staff member could pls help me with this. I've attached a screenshot of me logged into my account on the BrokenLens page, idk if this is enough evidence to prove this is my account, but if you go to my information tab on my forums page you can see my account attached is LiteralPlayz5 and when you search up aliiien on the BrokenLens website you'll be able to see that it says my past name was LiteralPlayz5.
    @ssunsett @WarriorGirl3333 @(@_PineappleDeath_ @FloofehGuinea
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  2. Sshadow_Kaster

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    I had the same issue, it'd be because of your forum name not being the same as your in-game username, the staff will be able to set your name for you, and get the rank on your name for fourms.

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