DON'T *clap* BLAME *clap* VERTX *clap clap*

Discussion in 'MicroBattles General Discussion' started by MarvelB0i, May 21, 2020.

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    Seriously, it hurts seeing how many people are blaming Vertx for nerfing/removing Pyro kit. Like I feel bad for him after seeing all that toxic stuff on that thread posted earlier, it might have hurt for him. And you're saying this over a videogame kit. Yes I take Broken lens kits a bit too seriously and do want them to be rebalanced, but I have never gone this level as players have recently today. If any of you don't know, emerald pyro got nerfed today, and this started controversy. Some were displeased of this that it got nerfed due to the fact that they bought a rank and think they deserve it, meanwhile others (including me) wanted equality amongst players.
    Like seriously, some took this WAY too seriously. Like imagine being Vertx. He's dreamed of having a career in his server and is doing great until he decides to try to make a game better for his players, but then he gets harassed by people saying that they supported him and deserve special rights and felt betrayed. Personally, I dislike this. He wanted to make things better and simply making sure a game is fair for everyone and then getting harassed by entitled players with rich Karen's for moms is kind of stupid. I'm glad that he's trying to make games higher quality than going for money and by nerfing pyro in MB, he's shown that.
    Also you should really be blaming me for any of this lol, not Vertx. The story in my eyes is more complicated than it seems. I today had made a request on a thread for pyro at unranked level to be buffed due to how godlike emerald pyro is compared to regular pyro. Although I asked for unranked to be buffed, the ranked variant got nerfed, which was a win for me and unranked players, and some emeralds agreed with that, although some members of the MB playerbase (not speaking about all, there are kind MB players out there), decided harassing Vertx and protesting it in a super rude way would be something they should do, which is NOT OKAY. Vertx deserves kindness for single handedly running a whole server, making plugins and games, as well as listening to the community.
    I know this would start controversy, but I really just want to address this, and show how stupid this has become.
    Edit: Staff if this gets controversial, please lock the thread.
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