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Couple tiny tips

Discussion in 'MurderMystery General Discussion' started by L Lawliet, Apr 21, 2018.

  1. L Lawliet

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    1. The innocent club
    As innocent, run away from players other players until you’re sure they are innocent. Then, hang around in safe groups filled with other innocents. Try and find the sheriff, and try and get the sheriff to guard your club. Sometimes the murd can however, find a way up, play it cool, and sneak attack you. Low-level strategy

    The chat elimination method
    Ask everyone to say something in chat, or just look through past things said in the round. When everyone replies, use /tab and connect the username to their face. Then tell everyone who is innocent in trm.

    The parkour hider
    Just find a difficult parkour spot, master it, and stay up there (maze in clown kinda works too) if someone comes up, run away! (It is helpful to master the maze as murderer to catch up to in is)

    Run around
    Run away! Just keep on running.

    Last one
    Don’t get the gun if you are the last innocent and haven’t seen murd walking anywhere near you. Odds are, the murd is tempting you to see if you will get the gun, and is hiding.

    If you have friends in a round, or are just a good person, you can stay in an area the murderer will enter, use /trm to say “if I die murd might be coming up” and wait to get killed.

    Murderer tracking while you are dead
    Just use /trm to say “if I die I’m at X” and change X if u move

    Minor tips, for appearing innocent as murderer
    People at the pool in Aquarium tend to put more trust in people coming in to the pool room from the direction of the escape tunnels than the stairs. It can also trip up the sheriff.

    People on the window ledge can see what happens on most of the tree. But people on the tree can see what happens on the window ledge. You might want to try and lure innos to the side of the tree opposite the house.

    Don’t ever kill near the stairways on hotel. If an innocent is there, throw your sword at them and wait a little while on the floor.

    Try guarding the sheriff’s gun for a little while when sheriff dies. Someone may try and grab it.

    If all innocents are dead, but sheriff is alive, you should probably hide. You will still win.

    Waiting near innos without killing them, will make them trust you more.

    For sheriff, use split controls for better aim. Don’t really have any better tips. Try not to shoot innos just because they are acting strange. They may very well be innocent, and you don’t wanna kill urself.

    By the way, what is your favourite aspect of murder mystery? I personally like using logic and strategy to solve the mystery.
  2. EVILBANANA12345

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    I think these are good tips
  3. lucas1901

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    WOW thank u for these tips man

    GAMINGHAXXERED Notable Member

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    Hangout with groups of innocents then the murderer entered


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