Can There Be A Punishment?

Discussion in 'HideAndSeek General Discussion' started by Klassux, Jan 1, 2018.

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    *I admitted that my grammar is bad so...*
    I'm gonna give You an example here
    "Don't reply to an old thread" yea that's a rule, but it's different... It's a natural rule from the staffs itself, so that's common sense if You didn't know anything like this
    Someone need to explain it better ig

    Ok so, just accept it and dont repeat it, dont be like a human who wont accept a fact. Even if You dont know that, dont start to make an argument with another people or making pointless stuff. At least there is a good thing... it makes You know more about how to replying to a thread,

    Better to always
    check the date of the thread or You'll get warned by anyone who's seeing that ( if the thread was sooooo old ). I repeat, dont start an argument or making pointless stuff

    Ok this one must be ended,
    @ssunsett wanna thread lock?
    User mintyb isnt active anymore
    User "russ" already warned
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