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BrokenLens Shop Relased!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by vertx, Apr 27, 2016.

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  1. vertx

    vertx Founder / Developer Staff Member BrokenLens Owner

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    Hey guys,

    Just here, to tell to you guys that finally our official online shop has been relased!

    We've worked hard on this project to provide a better way for who wants to support us on improving the cummunity gaming experience, with more slots, more servers, more stabillity and so on!

    For now, we're testing the store with coin packs and VIP Ranks, also, don't worry about the In-Game shop, everything still based on In-Game coins and you can earn it by playing matches as before, it'll not be changed.

    VIP ranks, provide some exclusive features and cosmetic items, and another things that still being worked on. (Who said rail guns?)

    All the items on the shop are added automatically on your account some minutes after the payment confirmation (if you're online on the server). The main payment method is just paypal for now.

    And last, the design and appearance of the shop still being worked on, Special thanks to @edwjusti for his amazing contribuition on this project.


    Thanks! More news about BrokenLens are coming very soon! :D
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  2. Krohnn

    Krohnn New Member

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    How do you access the in-game shop and spend your coins?
  3. Laura_Aria

    Laura_Aria BrokenLens Staff Staff Member Admin

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    Just walk behind spawn to the buttons, that's the shop.And don't worry, it has instructions.
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