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    On BrokenLens we want everyone to have the best experience possible. To help achieve this, we have some rules/limitations that the staff team have created to keep the server fun and fair for everyone. An updated list of rules is listed below. However, our rules are not limited to those listed.
    If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments feel free to leave them below.

    All rules apply to all players equally. Regardless of rank, level, or stats.

    Server Wide (apply on all BrokenLens servers)

    Offence > Punishment > Description

    Hacking > Permanent ban > Hacks of any kind

    Teaming / cross teaming > 2 day ban

    Inappropriate Skin
    > 1 day ban > Skins containing genitalia or anything else a staff member deems inappropriate

    Invisible Skin** > 1 day ban > Skins that do not fit our guidelines for skin size

    Glitch Exploiting
    > 7 day ban > Abusing any server or minecraft glitch to benefit themselves

    Abusing/Bullying > 7 day ban > Excessive abuse/bullying of another player

    Advertising (Channel) > 1 day ban and 2 day mute > Advertising a channel with no BrokenLens content

    Advertising (Server) > 7 day ban > Advertising the IP address of another server

    Inappropriate build / drawing >
    5 day ban

    Targeting > 1 day ban

    Inappropriate Links > 5 day ban > Links containing porn, racial/ religious content, Ect.

    Bypassing (Ban)
    > Permanent ban > Using another account to access the server while one of their accounts is banned

    Bypassing (temporary ban) > Temporary ban > each bypassing account will be banned for 30 days

    Bypassing (Mute) > Ban for same amount of time as mute > Using another account to chat while one of their accounts is muted

    Chargeback > Permanent ban

    Excessive Bans > Permanent ban > 4 temporary bans in a period of 3 months

    Impersonating Staff > 3 day ban + 6 day mute > Pretending to be a staff member

    Offensive Username
    > Permanent ban > Having a username directly offending another user or staff

    Racial/Religious Disputes*** > 3 day ban > Arguments involving race, religion, lgbtq+, Ect.

    Inappropriate Language
    > 1-3 day mute > Crude language towards other in chat or messages

    Inappropriate Roleplay* > 2 day mute > Roleplay that does not follow our roleplay guidelines

    Spamming > 1 day mute (Chat) > Spamming messages

    *We do not allow sexual roleplay, detailed violent roleplay, or blood/gore roleplay. Minimal/low detail violence is allowed. We recommend you exercise caution when it comes to dating roleplay. We would not recommend sharing social media accounts or personal information however if you do, you do so at your own risk.

    **Skins must be at least 1 block tall on all sides and visible on all sides. Skin pack skins are not exceptions.

    ***This also includes any other arguments/disputes in chat that staff members deem worthy of punishment. In arguments the oppressor will be banned. For example, in a racial argument the player(s) being hateful towards the race will be banned. However the player(s) defending the race will not.

    Game Specific Rules

    Please refer to In-Game rulebooks for the current game rules.

    Thank you for helping keep BrokenLens a fun and safe place.
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    Idk. I think the ban period should be longer than 1 day but not a perm ban. They might even learn their lesson afterwards and not do it again. We can't assume anything just yet. And the reason I say this is because if we allow them to come back after their ban, its like giving them another chance. If they do however use an inappropriate skin again, I think it should end in a perm ban, because at that point everyone can see that they are intent and clearly doing it purposefully.
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    We will yeet together following rules
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    whats a chargeback
    and is targeting, like, in mob wars, going for only one team's mob?
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    Chargeback is whenever you purchase an item, take back your money yet keep whatever you bought. It’s pretty much stealing.

    Targeting is like.. avoiding everyone else and going for one user specifically - like in oitc. qwq
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