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Discussion in 'Suggestions and Ideas' started by iSila, Apr 28, 2021.

  1. iSila

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    Okey, Heyy

    Before I write my/our idea, I just want to say that I'm still pretty unsure ksksk
    You know how Blockparty works etc.
    But I want some changes (ig) since i've been playing bp since 2017.
    My or @Jawshy / @_Sadvibe idea (since bp got boring) is to change the rounds endless and the predicting thingy make it gOnE. And to make it "easier" make the dancing floor smaller

    The game only ends if there's only one player left. I know it makes blockparty harder but we would run to the coloured Block instead of predicting and that will take until there is only one player left -- but i'm not sure yet whether the rounds are endlessly better than a certain Round number
    You know what I mean? \:
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  3. Voniblynn

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    So a match would end after a certain amount of rounds?
    Wouldn't that add to the whole- *tWo TrYharDs FAll AT The SAmE time* +45exp thing?

    Edit: I mean I see your point, but don't we already have that in a way?
    I feel like it would add a number of players to that awkward 2 minutes of predicting blocks and staring excessively at the person across from you. :coffee:

    Plus, the game doesn't count the tie/2 people fall at the same time as a win for either players. So unless the round limit is like 30 or something, it would be adding a lot of players to the "cOol YoU 'tIed' WiTh 6 oTHer PEopLE :superhappy:...nOW gO Do it AgaIn :two_hearts:"
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