Before School + You- Capítulo 15

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    Chapter 15- Call it

    I snuck downstairs, making sure nobody would see me from the upstairs. Once the coast was clear, I made my move. I snuck from corner to corner, spotting some cops talking to some teachers along the way. I even overheard a police have an eye on a student that could’ve killed Bear
    I was this close to the doors and was about to make a run for it when I heard teachers shout towards me, “Hey you! Get over here.”
    That’s when I knew I had to make my move. I headed for the front doors, making sure I pushed the doors all the way and leaving a small mark so in case if the teacher was following me, he could’ve gotten trapped.
    Once I was outside, I spotted a police car door open and made this my opportunity to get in it.

    I snuck around the building, making sure to lose this teacher sight, Once I saw that he gave up, I headed straight for the car. I closed it and made sure I stayed well hidden.
    I must’ve stayed there for a while because it started to hot from the sunlight hitting the beam window of the car.
    I overheard the police coming straight for the car saying, “have a good one,” before opening the car and closing it.
    I was now, it a really big mess.

    “Who were you talking too?” Amanda rushed up to Ham stared into the room.
    “Oo, lemme look!” Amanda got to the last step where she spotted what Ham was seeing.
    “Hot dog!” Ham jumped 3 feet into the air.
    “This is better what I expected!” He skipped towards the white spacecraft that had NASA on it.
    “Holy mac and cheese. How did Santa manage to steal an actual spacecraft from NASA?” Amanda gazes into the spacecraft, showing her reflection on it.
    “I honestly don’t know but heck, I own Santa an apology for saying those stuff to him early when we were coming up.” Ham jumped onto the front seat of the spacecraft.
    “Where are the keys to this?” Ham asked Amanda.

    But all Amanda did was cracking up in laughter.
    “You’re j-joking, right?” Amanda continues to laugh.
    “This is why I work alone.” Ham jumps off the spacecraft.
    “There are no keys for a spacecraft dummy head.” Amanda gives Ham a hard pound on his back,
    “C’mon, let’s start this baby up.” Amanda finally catches her breath as Ham started the engine up.
    “Oh boy, this should be good” Ham starts to fanboy.

    “I swear to God, if you don’t show yourself, I will shoot. Come out or face the consequences.” Miner was ready to shoot beneath the last stall.
    Ang then gets the chills, recognizing the voice coming from outside.
    “M-miner?” Ang takes the risk and comes out of the stall with her hands up.
    Miner looks shocked, dropping the gun onto the ground.
    “Oh my God, how the frick did you end up here?” Miner picking up her gun at once.

    “Eh, I crawled through the vents and well, ended up here.” She looks around the bathroom.
    “How did you end up here?” Ang Uno reverses her question.
    “Well, I teleported to some boxes that had tons of guns and well, heard a noise and yea, now I’m or should I say, we’re here.” Miner stares at her shoes, one ripped from the top.
    “Wait, did you say guns?” Ang looks at Miner with a concerned face.
    “Um, yea, why?” Ang shakes Miner as she tells her in a quiet voice and rather horror voice, “Show me.”

    Miner opened the bathroom door slowly, still looking both ways to see if no guard were there. Once she did and said the coast was clear, Miner led Ang to the storage room that was filled with guns.
    “In my opinion, I think that trident you have is better use compared to all these guns here but hey, you pick.” Miner looked both ways again, getting creeped out from the other end of the hallway that was pitched black.
    “Ya’know, it’s better if we head in the room, so we can um, get a better experience with the guns in the back.” Miner suddenly gets chills down her spine.
    Ang was okay with the idea and headed into the room, locking the door behind her.

    “Woah, you weren't kidding! These guns look like they’re worth a fortune!” Ang grabs and throws guns on her opposite direction as she has a hard time finding a nice gun.
    “This gun!” Ang finally picks up a blue-ish gun that looked brand new.
    “Alright, let’s head out.” Miner opens and closes the door slowly, heading for the stairs that lead to God knows where.
    “I have been expecting you.” Miner and Ang freeze.
    They both look all the way at the end of the pitch-black hallway where they spotted a shadow figure but without a head..?

    “RUN!” Miner shouted, Ang following her up as the shadow charged to their direction.

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    Muy bien señor Eric :giggle:
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    Hmm.... I haven't really gathered any clues yet but I seem to love being quiet in this story.

    Eric, my dear (fancy talk, folks), you accurately guessed my social life.

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