ADD THY TRUMPET OR I WILL DOOT (Sound of a trumpet) YOU! jkjk UWU

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    Weapon: Trumpet
    Model: Golden Shovel
    Damage: Mild-Deadly (If the enemy was dooted 200 times)
    Can be bought?: Yes
    Where can be seen?: 0.9% Chance from dead players
    Ammunition: 1
    Max Capacity: Infinite
    Realod time: 0.1 seconds
    ROF (Rate of Fire): 10 doots per second
    Cost: EVEN more expensive than the BFG10K
    Attack range: 23.2 Blocks

    First Blood messages:
    [Victim] couldn't evade [Killer]'s doot attack
    [Victim] forgot to cover their ears from [Killer]'s trumpet
    [Killer] dooted [Victim]'s ears

    Kill messages:
    [Enemy] couldn't evade your doot attack
    [Victim] forgot to cover their ears from your trumpet
    You dooted [Enemy]'s ears

    Death Messages:

    You couldn't evade [Killer]'s doot attack
    You forgot to cover your ears from [Killer]'s trumpet
    Your ears were dooted from [Killer]'s trumpet
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