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Account safety

Discussion in 'Minor Announcements' started by Angi_MSG, Jun 25, 2021.

  1. Angi_MSG

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    Hi everyone!

    We are posting this thread regarding account safety so we would like all of you to pay close attention and not skip through any writing. It has come to our attention that lately there has been far too many people getting their accounts stolen, and while we would like to believe most people know well enough not to give away their account information - some people clearly do not. Which is why we would like to touch on a few topics.

    First of all; we would never & will NEVER ask for your password. With that being said, if you are ever contacted by an apparent ‘staff member’ and they ask for your password, absolutely do not give it to them or ANYONE else! The only person that should ever have access to your account is you and you only. Once you share your password with others, your account is at risk of being stolen or used improperly.

    Earlier today we were contacted by one of the players and told there was someone with the discord name Ally mac#2723 going around impersonating one of our (incredible) staff members and trying to get players to give their passwords. Please do NOT give them, or anyone else, your password or screenshots of your account.

    While we were able to quickly notice (without doubt) that this of course wasn’t our Allymac_, we know some people may think it actually is. So with that being said, we would just like everyone to please be careful and pay close attention to whoever they decide to message. Wherever it is a friend or not, you never truly know and once your account is stolen there is only so much we can do in order to get it back depending on the seriousness of the situation.

    If you feel like changing your password or think that your password might not be secure enough please contact a Moderator or Admin about it.
    - How to contact a Moderator or Admin:
    The easiest and most secure way is to start a conversation with one of them;

    Here is a list of our current Moderators and Admins:

    ADMIN [Administrator]
    PurpleDragon333 | (@WarriorGirl3333)
    Laura_Aria | (@Laura_Aria) (Inactive)
    x_Arisa_x | (@x_Arisa_x) (Inactive)
    _PineappleDeath_ | (@_PineappleDeath_)

    MOD [Global Moderator]

    BananaDuck2 | (@Pufflin)
    AllyMac_ | (@AllyMac_)
    KhrizKGM | (@KhrizKGM)
    TrenzKGM | (@_TrenzK_)
    Icy_Hatake | (@Icy_Hatake)
    | (@Angi_MSG)
    you could also start a thread in the support section.

    Now the most important part... how to choose a secure password!
    Best is to use a password mixed with letters, numbers and at least 2 symbols like _ , * , # etc. You could, for example, replace some letters in a word with numbers like: m4ng0 (mango) and add some symbols/letters: hi_m4ng0*

    The following pictures show which passwords should not be used:[​IMG]

    If you notice someone messaging other players asking for their password or notice that someone might have stolen an account please tell a staff member as soon as possible.
    Thanks for reading and stay safe everyone! ^^
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  2. _PineappleDeath_

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    Nobody cares if it bothers them anyways. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    I honestly just laughed so much
  4. EaseThePain

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  5. SecretStash99

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    Keep your account safe everyone! :p

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