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about me (introduction)

Discussion in 'Introducing Yourself' started by BonfireTaco, Aug 23, 2020.

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    hi im ravzanur! but people in that server calls me like bon or taco cause of my username aswell but you can call me ray. im 14 and i live in Turkey. i started to play in this server like 2017 but just joined forums this year, but this community is pretty fun i say wish i entered here earlier. anyways i love playing TSW and SW here and maybe MM and i love drawing and memes and learning new things like languages and sleeping (woah such a interesting trait) also im trying to motivate people around me and making them feel better idk i love helping people anyways i really love meeting with new people here so if you want to, you can add me from game. so thats all ig idk what else to put here have a great dayy! (and tbh i edited the post cause i think im a bit overshared LMAO)
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