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A question a lot ?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Picomos1234, Nov 25, 2021.

  1. Picomos1234

    Picomos1234 Notable Member

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    1.When will KrAzYKarts games full released and stop in beta project.
    2.Does brokenlens server have yt channel?
    3.Why do brokenlens does not make any announcement about bug have been fix at twitter ?
    4.Will brokenlens make a seasonal games?
    5.Does any new featured added?
    6.When will brokenlens improved it system?
    7.What year brokenlens started it server?
    8.Does old minigames still have a lot of people or do not have people anymore?
  2. SoftwareSlicer

    SoftwareSlicer Professional Memer Server Staff

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    1. I'm not too sure about this. I personally haven't had many issues with Krazy Karts although there are a few things I would personally change to improve the mechanics and implementation. We'll have to see.
    2: Unfortunately the server does not have it's own YouTube channel at this time.
    3: I believe the official twitter account is currently maintained by Vertx although it has been somewhat inactive with changes and developments.
    4: I am also unsure about this although. Like I said earlier, We'll have to see.
    5 and 6: Vertx who is in charge for development, hosting, and maintenance of BrokenLens has been on a bit of a roll with updates and patches. New features and improvements are added regularly on the platform. Not all features or fixes are made apparent to members within the community as many changes are rather technical and go behind the scenes although you can check through major developments in-game with the hotbar.
    7: The BrokenLens Forums was founded on October 20th of 2015 which was shortly after the official release of the server.
    8: It depends. Minigame popularity can vary significantly on a mode by mode basis.

    Hopefully this response is sufficient.
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  3. SecretStash99

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    There should be a list of feature added :)
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