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    Now look, sht.... SHT. I understand why you might think its a cuss(sh*t) but in the way i said it, its not what i meant....

    You can tell that i was in a bad situation becuase of my message "sht drowser sees us". That means drowser(friend btw) sees our location and is heading towards us. I was hiding with another friend(vortex btw) and of course i had to alert him. now i wanted to say SHOOT, but i was running out of time and he was approaching us. So i had to say SHT. Okay, im gonna tell you the type of person i am...

    When i want to say Sh*t i would write $hit or sh!t.
    If i wanted to say f*ck i would say... well f*ck
    You get the idea..

    Now look, i am about to say something and i dont care if i get muted or even banned for saying this because it needs to be said. Now dont get me wrong, this isnt a hate comment, more of criticism and judgement

    To @ssunsett ( and possibly other staff members )

    Hello! I am here to complain about the way you and possibly other staffs, ban and mute ppl.
    Look there should be more ways on how you should report others besides using photographic evidence.
    1. TESTIMONY's
    2. use of LOGIC

    more specifically no.2. I remember my latest player report in where i attempted to report who i think is a duplicator. Then u denied it. After that, i posted a second report wherein I proved to you the likelihood of the person i reported being a duplicator using logic to get me to my standpoint. Then when you looked at the report , you just muted the person i reported then disregarded my logical statement,

    Also for the other staffs, i saw a recent player report wherein you banned someone for 3 days because they were impersonating staff. I understand the mute, but WHY THE BAN. I understand identity theft is wrong but understand that these are children playing. They dont know what they are saying or what they are doing. For all we know, they could be impersonating staff to drive away hackers and exploiters.

    Look, i know you guys are busy with your every day lives but that isnt an excuse to be lazing off and banning people willy-nilly without proper judgement.

    Now im gonna stop here because this is meant to be a mute appeal but im gonna continue this letter somewhere. Chances are my mute is gone by now. But... I HAVE NO EXCUSE XD
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