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2018 Halloween Update! [PART 1]

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Woona, Oct 21, 2018.

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    Spooktober Edition
    The Halloween part one update is here with new content!

    Here are the NEW features in this update:
    • Pumpkin heads on ALL NPCs
    • TeamQuakeCraft has been added.
    • TeamBuildBattle has been added.
    • Mounts are FINALLY back!
    • NEW SpooOooky Halloween Edition HUB.
    • Weather voting, Time voting along with a new GUI in Skywars/Team Skywars!
    ▶️ Mounts are BACK!
    New Cosmetic:

    In this new update, mounts are finally back after a long time. Enjoy a cool 200,000 Gold, Zombie horse on our servers now!
    Go to the Cosmetics, then Mounts! CA2B81CC-B962-47AA-93D8-576D13D21F65.png
    ▶️ New Time and Weather Voting in SW/TSW!
    New Feature:

    Now not only can you choose the map in SkyWars and TeamSkywars, Now you can choose the weather and time! Don’t like maps in the day? No worries, now you can vote for the map in Night time! Don’t like maps with snow? No worries either! Now you can vote for maps with clear weather!
    ▶️ Pumpkin Heads on all NPCs!
    New Feature:

    To add a SpoOoOkier look to our servers, we’ve added pumpkin heads to our NPCs all around the server! They don’t get paid enough for this, so be thankful the NPCs wear these from now up until Halloween just for you guys!
    ▶️ New Halloween Edition HUB!
    New Map:

    This year we have decorated the classic BrokenLens HUB into a Spooooktacular Brokenlens HUB, this hub is only Temporary, so feel free to explore and try not to get spooked!
    ▶️ Team QuakeCraft!
    New Mini-game:

    Ever wanted to play QuakeCraft, BUT in teams!? Well now you can! Play this fun and addictive FPS mini-game and become a master at shooting!
    ▶️ The Best Builders!
    New Mini-game:

    Are you good at building? Are you good at building with friends? Well now you can have build battles against other teams of friends! Grab your friends, and start expressing your creative mind in this Mini-game!

    Thanks for being a Part of this Spooktacular BrokenLens update! Please note there is going to be an other spooky update sometime this week!

    PART II is out! Click the link below for more information!
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    Cuál es la nueva actualización AQUÍ en 2020?
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