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Comments on Profile Post by Dominicshortbow

  1. MiaWebo
    because I imagine everyone with your guard suit in some lobby of a game all gathered saying happy birthday omg? I'm really too crazy
    Apr 16, 2021
  2. Dominicshortbow
    Probably xD, I never suspected others trying Alindian Knight armor except for Etherealbear, because I made Etherealbear's and she edited hers a little!
    Apr 16, 2021
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  3. MiaWebo
    Apr 16, 2021
  4. EtherealBear
    yesss, make a private party & just go round each game that would be so fun
    Apr 16, 2021
  5. mistuide
    I'm in my guy, I wanna join the fun
    Apr 17, 2021
  6. ~~Kxmmy_~~
    Wait I wanna join-
    Apr 18, 2021
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