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How to Play

How to Play

How to Connect And Play

  • Launch Minecraft and press Play.
  • Click on Servers in the top right corner.
  • Click on Add Server.
  • Fill the Server Name field with a name of your choice.
  • Fill the Server Address field with play.brlns.net.
  • Fill the Port field with 2000 or 19132
  • Click on Play.


  • Once online, type on the chat the command /reg to register your account.
  • Fill the Username field with the unique username you would like to use on BrokenLens
  • Type a password in the Password field (do not forget it!)
  • Flip the "Register username if available" switch to ON
  • Have Fun!

Logging In

  • Once logged the server should not ask the password again, but if you ever logout, just type on the chat the command /login and follow the on screen instructions
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