How to Play

How to Connect And Play

  • Launch Minecraft Pocket and press Play.

  • Click on Edit in the top right corner.

  • Click on External in the top right corner.

  • Fill the Server Name field with a name of your choice.

  • Fill the Address field with

  • Fill the Port field with 2000. or any other number between 19132-19140 (some may not be available yet

  • Click on Add Server.


  • Click on the server added in your list to play on it.

  • Once online, type on chat the command "/reg [your new password]" (without [ ]), to register your account.

  • Retype the password...

  • And type a valid email adress to finish the registration, this email will be used to warn you about your warning points, suspicious activities on your accont, etc... (you can disable it later)

  • Have Fun!

Logging In

  • Once logged the server will not ask the password again, but if ask, just type on chat "/login [password]" where "[password]" is the same password you used on registering process, and here you go

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