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Jan 6, 2020
Sep 23, 2016
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Oct 26, 2003 (Age: 16)


友 - BrokenLens Staff - 爱, Male, 16, from Germany

Global Moderator

~Be like a flower, turn your face to the bright side of life~ ♡ Dec 9, 2019

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Jan 6, 2020
    1. chrysos
    2. MuffinDave
      I'm sorry for everything I've done to you in the past, you earned my respect, you are my lord, I know you told me that you forgive me, but I'm still worried that you hate me, I Miss you a lot MARCO.......
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    3. MuffinDave
      The King, The Best, The Funny man, The Super Power Cookie, The One Everyone Loves, The Legend Left, ahhhhhhhhh Bro you're the best
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    4. MuffinDave
      Miss you.................
      1. chrysos likes this.
    5. JElourd_laureNCE
    6. ~GingerbreadSwirl~
      i didn't know you'd left.
      thanks for all the cookies xd
      1. Locals likes this.
    7. BopI
      Even though I never got to know you, my sources indicate that you have done a lot for the BrokenLens community, and because of that, you have earned my respect, Marco.
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    8. unlovable
      I didn’t see the thread since I haven’t been active:(
      I really hope you have a nice life outside of brokenlens and find whatever you look for. You’ve been an amazing friend to me and you’ve brightened up many people’s days in more ways than one. I will truly miss you and all your positive messages. Goodbye Marco <3
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    9. _ShadedShadow_
      You said you ate 2 cookies everyday, i'll do that too.
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    10. _ShadedShadow_
      We used to joke a lot, i laughed a lot.<3
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    11. _ShadedShadow_
      Marcooo, hope you're doing amazing like you always did, miss you.
      1. BopI and TheCooki3Cat like this.
    12. _ShadedShadow_
      Please visit now, i miss you.
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    13. Locals
      Well , Goodbye Cookie Man , Thank you for everything you have done for the community and the staff team , we will never forget you Marco! You're such a great person and I love you for that ! I Hope you have a bright Future in your hands and i hope you can achieve your dreams!

      Bye Marco , we will miss you!
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    14. _ShadedShadow_
      I miss you, bud.:(
    15. Capitaine64
      Goodbye Marco !

      I’m glad I’ve met you. You’re an amazing person, very kind and full of potential. I hope you will use the time off the forums to take care of yourself, meet new people and achieve your goals. I wish I could have known you more, but thank you very much for all the help you’ve given us.

      Good luck :D
      1. BopI, _TbhAlsie, Pufflin and 2 others like this.
    16. _ShadedShadow_
      Hey, Marco, i hope your day is great like you are!
      I'm sorry if i ever said something negative about you ( i can't remember if i did, lol.)
      Hope you visit one day, good luck <3, bud
      1. BopI, _TbhAlsie and TheCooki3Cat like this.
    17. KhrizKGM
      Sensei Marcooo! Thank you so much for everything & the fun we had! Your memories will always be remembered to us, I hope you can find what you're looking for and reach your dreams out there. You're so amazing & fabulous! You deserve all the love in this world, I wish you so much happiness and have lot of cookies :D good luck out there! we will always remember you
      1. BopI, _TbhAlsie, Locals and 4 others like this.
    18. _ShadedShadow_
      It has been only a day without you, ;(.
      Hope you can come back, Marco.I love you bro.
    19. CinderPuppyEyes
      i hope you find everything you're looking for out there. i hope you have the courage to believe that you are deserving of everything you desire, that you are capable and worthy of curating the kind of life for yourself that sparks something within you.
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      2. CinderPuppyEyes
        i hope you look back and are so proud of who you were in all years we've known each other and all the the years you've been here. i hope you see someone who was learning to be strong, even after a couple things went wrong. i hope you see someone anchored in hope, trusting, in the grace: there is still so much more life to go.
        Jan 7, 2020
      3. CinderPuppyEyes
        there's no need for me to say you need to live the best life you can because i know you will. i just hope you know that with a heart like yours, you deserve the world and beyond ♡
        Jan 7, 2020
      4. Locals
        Okay Boomer.
        Jan 18, 2020
    20. _TbhAlsie
      Hi Marco! I just saw your thread. I will miss you sososoo berry much. You are an amazing friend and staff member. I hope your life treats you great. You deserve all the love, kindness, and hearts in the world.
      1. TheCooki3Cat and Dallyy like this.
      2. _TbhAlsie
        Always keep your fun, loving, and kind personality. Your spirit is so amazing and warming. I hope you know I will ALWAYS keep you in a special place in my heart. You deserve the world. Love you berry much. Achieve your biggest dreams! Always keep your hopes up.♡´・ᴗ・`♡
        Jan 6, 2020
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  • About

    Oct 26, 2003 (Age: 16)
    Minecraft Username:
    Hullo c:

    My name is Marco!
    Pretty simple right? Well some people still manage to mistake me with some dudes called: Ofo, Childrens, Marcu, Polo (this one is forbidden btw), Dj_Polo (using this one will cause eternal pain(I will beat you up with a pillow)) or Maraca

    I live under your bed.
    Jkjk xD I am from Germany - Düsseldorf, currently 16 years old and live here for almost my whole life! I mean it is a beautiful city and we got a river, many shopping centers, soccer fields, parks, cinemas almost everything but that isn’t enough for me.
    I want to discover the world, meet people, take photos, experience beautiful moments and save all this in my memory till my journey finds an end :)


    Now let me tell you something about the things that make me, me.
    So where do I start xD
    Maybe with my character traits? Alright!
    I am a very calm and quiet person, at least when you don’t know me well!
    Around some people I am like a massive impulse of energy and then around my parents I am like the bestest son who is such a good kid and never does anything illegal (haha they wish, I stAy uP super late every day like wow I am such a bad boy :cool:), so you see I have many “mes”, but doesn’t matter which one of them they all make me to that what I am and that’s okay for me. Because of that I am able to love the ones who are important to me on a special way! On my own way. :D *Oh and I can be very silly and stupid sometimes xD, but heyhey that’s also alright because I have super beautiful and fabulous friends who take care of me! But we will come to that in a bit xD

    Hmmm what do I do in my free time? (Woah isn’t it strange when you ask yourself questions although you know the answer??)

    Well xD-
    I moderate our wonderful server! It is really fun to do and I wouldn’t probably be doing this if it didn’t feel like home. It is amazing to be able to help people and make new friends and be a part of something big!
    You wanna see my rank timeline??
    Hahahaha yOu WISH! ... I actually forgot when I got what xD, but heyhey I used to have a Diamond rank twice; then Emerald, then sometime around Summer 2018 Helper, then Trial in Fall 2019 and Moderator idea lol xD

    -I love philosophy! I think of the weirdest questions, think about the answer for some hours and then when I don’t have any answer, I start annoying some of my close friends with MORE QUESTIONS!! woooo!
    -oH yez! I also love cooking! Like I am not a five star chef buT hey I am also not bad at it ^-^, it is important for me to have healthy meals each day and stay fit!
    -FITTNESS! Another thing I love is fitness! I workout pretty much every day, stay up early to go jogging or just do some exercises for fun when I am bored xD
    -OhOh I also like reading books! yYayy?
    Okay I am not done yet, but I think it should be enough!


    Friends :)
    It’s hard to be on your own sometimes that’s why many of us have angels in form of friends :p
    I don’t even want to write down every single name here, because frick no I am too lazy, but the people who I am talking about will know that I mean them (hopefully)!
    I am writing this for you.
    Special people, who would go through hell and back to bring back a soul. The people who are able to make one feel warm and cosy ANd yet pretty mad, but real friends always find together, doesn’t matter how worse a fight was or how many tears flowed. They hold you, you hold me and I will always hold you, pinky promise ^-^
    Although we never felt each other physically, I still feel the strong bound between us which won’t make us separate.
    Thank you for being alive and I promise you that I will make it a bit sweeter (:


    Dreams and goals :D
    I am such a dreamer :D xD
    I set high goals for myself to be able to archive something big.
    I have many dreams, goals and wishes!
    Some are personal, some are probably destiny and others are pure will!
    I think I can tell you about some of the last thing xD
    - World
    As I said before, the world is a majestic place (at least from my point of view) and I it is one of my biggest dreams to travel around it and see different countries and learn about cultures!
    I also already know which countries!
    - Job
    I am very interested in this subject and that’s why it is my goal to have a job based on this! Like I could imagine becoming an engineer!
    - Hobby
    I want to have a plane license sosososoo bad when I am older, that’s why I will definitely do that!
    This used to be my job goal, but I rethought it. I could never be away from my family, kids etc. for that long.


    I think that’s it, at least for now:)
    Thank you for taking your time and reading this :p, I appreciate it!

    xD You know I was like in a writing flOw-


    Xbox Live Gamertag:


    You are fabulous c:
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