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Love your family! Love your friends! Love all the people you care in your life! But most importantly LOVE YOURSELF! I love you all! Feb 15, 2020 at 2:42 AM

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Viewing thread 。゚✶ฺ. Happy birthday Kim.. AND GABRIEL! .✶゚ฺ。, Feb 20, 2020 at 1:47 AM
    1. LPQC
      Lunaaaa did u crash? Btw my answer is cake
    2. LunaDaPineapple
      Love your family! Love your friends! Love all the people you care in your life! But most importantly LOVE YOURSELF! I love you all!
    3. LunaDaPineapple
      Happy Valentine’s Day! The day of spreading joy and love!
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      2. JElourd_laureNCE
        :) but too late..
        Feb 15, 2020 at 2:49 AM
    4. LunaDaPineapple
    5. LunaDaPineapple
      I just posted an amazing video that keeps making me wanna cry T^T
    6. C0ntrxctinq_
    7. AllyMac_
      How was I not following you! <3
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    8. LunaDaPineapple
      1. BopI
        Oh no
        Jan 1, 2020
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    9. LunaDaPineapple
    10. LunaDaPineapple
      Happy Birthday 2020! Woo!
    11. LPQC
      Thank you <3
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    12. LunaDaPineapple
    13. BenitezClλnce4
    14. LunaDaPineapple
      Merry Christmas! Happy New Years! Happy Holidays! And all that Bacon! YEET ME INTO 2020!
    15. TheCooki3Cat
      Omg your pfp is so cute! I love it!
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    16. BenitezClλnce4
      Luna, Ima show you me playing
      1. BenitezClλnce4
        Nvm-- It just shows a white screen on Discord

        NIce pfp tho
        Dec 3, 2019
    17. lattes
      Thanks for the follow— have one back ♡
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    18. LunaDaPineapple
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      2. BopI
        Dec 21, 2019
    19. LunaDaPineapple
    20. BenitezClλnce4
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    Jul 12, 2002 (Age: 17)
    Minecraft Username:
    What's up! My name is LunaDaPineapple but most call me Luna (for those who have other nicknames you know who you are).
    I'm just a normal Minecraft player who loves having fun with her friends. I'm not the greatest at pvp. I prefer building and non pvp.
    Bp and Tbb(s) are my strong suits but I'm not opposed to playing other games.

    Brlns Profile:
    Ign: LunaDaPineapple
    Current Level: 777 (I won the slots! XD)
    Rank: Emerald
    Global Wins: 4,500+
    Global Losses: 3,900+
    Kills: 2,800+
    Deaths: 2,400+
    Crew: PvProz (All Hail Leader _MysticalMaegan_)
    Favorite Minigame(s): BlockParty, TheBestBuilders, TeamSkyWars
    Legend of: TheBestBuilders (29th Place Currently)
    Joined (assuming): December 22nd, 2016 (yay for 3 years!)
    History Behind my IGN - LunaDaPineapple

    - Let's Break it Down
    Luna ~
    I've always loved the name Luna.
    It means "Moon" in Italian, Spanish and Romanian.
    I've always found something beautiful and enchanting with the moon.
    Luna is the other title for an Alpha Female Wolf a
    nd I love wolves
    Some characters that inspired me with that name include:
    -Princess Luna (My Little Pony)
    -Luna Lovegood (Harry Potter)
    -Luna (Sailor Moon)

    Da ~
    It's just a funny way of saying "the"
    It's quirky and weird, kinda like me
    Plus "The" just looks weird in the whole name

    Pineapple ~
    You would think the Pineapple is my favorite fruit.
    Sadly, it's not. It's my second favorite
    My favorite is the apple :joyful:
    But Pineapples are sweet, kinda like me.

    About me:
    As you guys can probably guess,
    My actual name is NOT Luna :eek: (Shookith)
    My real name is Ariella (Ari for short)
    - I am a 17 year old girl (turning 18 in July)
    - I am currently 5'7 (slightly above average I'd say)
    - I live in the US of A (Le Big Apple)
    - I am currently in 12 grade (Senior Year of High School)
    - I will be graduating High School on May 31st, 2020 WOO!
    - I got accepted into my dream college
    The Culinary Institute of America on November 8th, 2019
    - Yes, that means I am pursuing Culinary Arts/Baking and Pastry Arts as my career
    - The CIA was the only college I applied to
    (I'm one and done):lmao:
    My favorite colors are:


    • Most genres of food
    • Playing games (I mean duh) specifically: Minecraft and Pokemon
    • Hanging out with close friends
    • Pastel colors (blue, purple, orange, yellow)
    • Music (all kinds)
    • Singing (Like in a chorus group, in front of VERY CLOSE FRIENDS or by myself)
    • Art/Drawing (Digital Art - it's become a recent hobby as of September 26th, 2019)
    • Video Making (YT Channel started March 26th, 2019)
    • Spicy Food (I have the worst spice tolerance. I sometimes think I have an allergy to spicy things cause the area around my mouth would get red and itchy and it would be like that for weeks) .-.
    • Public Speaking (It is one of my top fears! I used to love performing when I was young. Then in 5th grade we did a performance. I didn't know the lines and I got super embarrassed which lead to fear)
    • Bugs (ESPECIALLY COCKROACHES! Another one of my top fears)
    • Big Drops on Amusement Park Rides (Probably my biggest fear. When I was 8, I went to an Amusement Park in Canada. There was a drop tower that was 70+ feet. My 8 year old mind thought that would be fun. I was just tall enough to get on the ride. I was fine at first. But as we got higher and higher, fear set in. Then when we were at the top, I was in panic mode. Every time we'd drop, everyone else would be screaming in fear/excitement. I said nothing, I was practically paralyzed. My parents had to carry me off the ride cause I couldn't move. Then I joined back to reality by crying my eyes out of fear and terror. I've been scared of amusement park rides especially drop towers ever since)
    • People who Lie (I have horrible trust issues due to people who have lied or deceived me in the past)

    - I'm generally a very shy person in real life, especially to new people. When it was my first day of Middle School and High School, I would have people come up to me to make friends. I would never take that initiative.
    - But once you get to know me and I've become more comfortable with you, you'd see a whole different person.
    I'm way more talkative and confident.
    - I'm always seen as a very kind, loyal, and trustworthy person. My friends always look to me for emotional support and they can always count on me.
    - Within the majority of my friend groups, I'm always seen at the motherly figure. I always care about others before myself. Plus, I always tend to be prepared (sometimes a little over-prepared)

    So as you couldn't tell with my Birthday I'm a Cancer under the astrology signs. I can 100% see my personality in aligned with the sign and I think I'm like the greatest example of a Cancer. My friends always agree as well

    - Cancers are very emotional (I'm a very emotional person myself -both good and bad- I'm always seen as the greatest for emotional support. But I can always be very moody like a crab)
    - Cancers are seen as the motherly sign (reason why I'm always seen as a motherly figure within my friend groups)
    - Cancers are super loyal (I mean I think I'm very loyal and my friends think so too)
    - Cancers are a water sign (I love being by the water, singing by the water. Beach, Lake, Pond, Ocean. I love being near all of them)
    - Cancer's planet is symbolized with the Moon (I mean my IGN is Luna which is Moon. I love the Moon. There's something both beautiful and mysterious about it.)
    - Cancers are very creative and artistic people. They love to express they're feelings through art. (I'm a very artistic person with drawing, singing, cooking)

    C for caring
    A for ambitious
    N for nourishing
    C for creative
    E for emotionally intelligent
    R for resilient

    I'm practically bleeding the traits of a Cancer


    Xbox Live Gamertag:
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