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Me never come back actually idk Jun 18, 2022

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    1. xgravity
      I like ur name
      1. ItzMeJasonWf
        thanks :)
        Jun 5, 2021
    2. ~~Kxmmy_~~
      When the imposter is- yk what , I hate saying that- anyways , hellow my name mr cheese
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      2. ItzMeJasonWf
        *amogus drip starts* lol
        Jun 21, 2021
      3. ~~Kxmmy_~~
        Sussy uwu baka
        Jun 21, 2021
      4. ItzMeJasonWf
        Jun 21, 2021
    3. Fweeezer
      Nine. Planets. More like unknown.l see, if you ever heard of planet nine you know well enough that it hovers over our solar system, and is almost as big as the mass of our home planet, earth. It is today unknown if this “planet” is a planet or black hole.
      1. Fweeezer
        If you want to know more facts if you think planet nine I a myth, I can easily crack the myth.
        Jun 4, 2021
      2. ItzMeJasonWf
        yeah- few bilion or milion yrs ago
        It got ejected by jupiter and saturn. What about fifth giant?
        Jun 4, 2021
    4. ItzMeJasonWf
    5. SunnyJuneQueen
      happy birthday :3
      1. ItzMeJasonWf
        [ SORRY LATE ] TYY
        Sep 8, 2021
    6. Dz81
      Happy Birthday!
      1. ItzMeJasonWf
        Tyy :D
        Sep 8, 2021
    7. BananasRcute_
      Welcome to da froums ! Also i saw u in mw
      1. ItzMeJasonWf
        Sep 8, 2021
    8. ItzMeJasonWf
      My ign: ItsMeJasonWf (Why is this comment has so much likes?)
      1. ItzMeJasonWf
        The Oldest Profile Comment Is BACKK
        Aug 24, 2021
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    May 19
    Yo bozo
    Minecraft Username:
    Hey stalker, i guess your a bit sussy


    Something is sus here
    Btw, this timeline spends me 2 hours of searching infos and also typing. LMAO
    ~-----=:laugh:Timeline of the universe:coffee:=-----~
    13,8 billion years ago
    The Big Bang Occurs, Which is our starting of the universe
    Proximity 5- 4.8 billion years ago
    The Sun formed from a remained fragments from the emerging neutron stars or a Supernova (Solar Nebula).
    Around 4.5 billion years ago
    Earth and other planetsimals/planets formed due from the remaining fragments of the remaining of Solar Nebula. (Gas giants like Jupiter formed first).
    4.5 billion years ago
    Theia (An Mars sized planet)
    colided with Earth, forming the Moon (We all died if this happened today)
    Around 4.5 billion years ago
    The Nice Model and the Jumping Jupiter Scenario happened. This maked The Solar System turned into
    chaos, Ejected The Fifth Giant (Icy gas giant planet), and Sedna (Dwarf Planet) into the edge of The Solar System (Only Sedna. Fifth Giant was ejected from The Solar System completely). And the Jumping Jupiter scenario also formed " The Late Heavy Bombardment" event that makes Asteroids from the Asteroid Belt goes to Inner Solar System. These asteroids brings water/ingredients for life. Thanks to Jupiter and Saturn, were alive! :D
    2.3 billion years ago
    Earth became Oxygen-rich. This makes the first Snowball Earth.
    2.1 billion years to 225 million years ago
    Diffrent supercontiments kept forming (Vaalbara, Pangaea, ETC).
    65 million years ago
    An 10 km (6 Miles) Asteroid (Named Chicxulub) crashes into Earth and wiping out
    all Dinosaurs and Reduced 75% of life (Expect Saltwater Crocidiles, Leatherback Turtles, And Goodbye Dinos).
    2 million years ago
    First human (Primitive) Appears or Evolution (?)
    60.000 years ago

    Supervolcano Toba (In Indonesia, now its Lake Toba) erupts (VEI 8). Decreasing 50% - 95% of life?
    207 years ago
    Mount Tambora (Lastest VEI 8 Eruption, And also in Indonesia) erupts. Creating the "Year without summer" that kills millions worldwide.
    Earth is the only planet that supports life. Maybe we can plan a rocket and go colonize other planets? Dunno. Ask Elon husk about that.
    180 million years from now
    1 Day becomes 25 hours long.
    250 million years from now
    Earth will form a supercontiment, Pangea Proxima Ultima (Which my country is aready crushed by Australia :< Oh wait im dead aready in that year).
    600 million years from now
    Solar eclipses is now
    Impossible. And 99% all plants died due of lack of Photosyntensis.
    700 million years from now

    Animals begin to die. Big Animals died first due of Sun or no plants (Bad luck, Herbivores.)
    750 million years from now

    The Ozone layer is gone, and the Magentic field is no longer work.
    1 billion years from now

    Ocean starts evaporating due to Sun's increasing luminosity. All complex life dies, no Water left.
    1.5 billion years from now
    Mars are habitatble and all water unfreezes. This was caused of Suns increasing luminosity that makes heat (Earth is too hot for life).
    2.3 billion years from now

    Earths core becames solid and Earth's Atmosphere was stripped away by the intense solar wind.
    3,3 billion years from now
    Runaway Green House Effect occurs on Earth (Rip Earth)
    5 billion years from now
    Milky Way and Adromeda galaxies will colide. The result of this colision is forming Milkdromeda. (Doesnt affect The Solar System anyways lmao)
    7 billion years from now

    Sun is running out of Hydrogen. Causing it to swell and turned into it's Red Giant Phase.
    7,5 billion years from now
    Sun expands into Mercury's orbit. Mercury was swallowed by the Sun (RIP Mercury)
    7,57 billion years from now
    Sun expands to Venus's orbit. Venus was swallowed/pulled into by the Sun. (RIP Venus, Twin of Earth :c)
    7,59 billion years from now

    There is low chance that Earth will survive of AGB star Sun phase (I guess). But theres a high chance that Earth will swallowed/pulled into by the Sun. (SUN IS THE IMPOSTOR, SUS)
    About 10 billion years
    Sun turns into White Dwarf. Sun slowy gets even colder (No life :<)
    1 quadralion from now
    Sun turns into black dwarf
    ??? years from now
    Sun decays by a Proton decay or shredded by a nearby black hole (Sagittarius A*/other)
    3 million trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion years
    black holes begin to evaporate and die
    7 thousand trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion years
    There is nothing left. Sun died, Stars died, Planets died, Black holes Evaporated, Proton Decayed.
    So its the end of the Universe (I guess. Maybe a big Chrunch happens? Forming a new Universe and life? We never know.)

    ~-----=The End=-----~
    Im only Active at Discord. Add me: JasonTheAstronaut#0915
    Just in case, i have a interactive Discord bot! Heres the link:
    I want Verified bot developer badge! Pls add it :oops::cry: :'(
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