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Jul 8, 2004 (Age: 14)
The Marvel Universe
Fangirling Over Captain America

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      Hey Fox ^u^
      Just checking in
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      Hello Fire! :D
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        hi benjy!
        im just online to delete comments that my friend doesnt need to see *coughcough kadenuweirdo coughcough*
        Mar 26, 2019
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        Okay! Nice to see you anyways! :) I hope things are going well for you in the real world!
        Mar 26, 2019
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      Kaden Stop stalking me loll
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        FIRE I MISS YU :(
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        Aww visit forever
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        hihi i miss u too
        Mar 24, 2019
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      idriss chaynane
      Bye fire, wish you best of luck in life
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      Wait wot? Your leaving?? Noooo pleasee, who will like my posts? :( But anyways, I'll still miss you. :(
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      I feel so bad that I just noticed this. You tagged my old username in your thread. I wish you best of luck in life Fire. Thank you for bringing joy here.~
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      bye fire, best of luck in life <3
    15. KendraHawk
      Hey, Fire. I'm sorry to hear that you're leaving, I'll miss you so much. You brought love and joy to this forums, you were a special part of this community and we'll never forget you. Thank you for being you. <3
    16. Jiminiezangel ♡
      Jiminiezangel ♡
      Fox, I miss you so much while I hope you will do very well in life and I won’t forget you because you’re an amazing person who impact this community here until now. But, I will never forget about you here as a member no matter what. =,) Ty for everything you have done for us and especially me too and I’m grateful to meet such a kind friend like you. ~ Fiona
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      Bye :( I will miss you, you made such an amazing impact on this community
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      pls answer the convo :(
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      Bye to the forums fox :(
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      I'm so late to say this.... Bye firefox we'll miss you
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    Jul 8, 2004 (Age: 14)
    The Marvel Universe
    Fangirling Over Captain America
    Minecraft Username:
    Hello whoever is reading this. As you probably already know, I’m Firefox1318, but you can just call me Fire, or Fox, or Firefox; whatever you want.

    I first found BrokenLens in 2015 when I was searching the web for any good MCPE servers that had Block Party. I found this site that was advertising BrokenLens, so that day I visited the server. Unfortunately the server wouldn’t load and would always stay frozen and crash my Minecraft, so I didn’t visit the server until 2016 in Christmas, when there was a major update. I was finally able to join and joined the server for good.

    No, I didn’t get my IGN from the web browser XD. I never even knew that Firefox was a web browser. I came up with my IGN from my Minecraft skin, which was a fire girl who had fox ears and a tail, so I decided to name myself that.

    At the start of November 2018 I became obsessed with KPop and BTS. My bias is RM and my bias wrecker is JHope.
    At the start of 2019 I watched a lot of movies that evolved around the Marvel Universe, such as Guardians of the Galaxy, The Avengers, and Infinity War (Mr Stark I don't feel so good ;c). I was more into DC, and just recently converted into Marvel if that makes any sense xd just because Captain America is hot asf.

    If you read to this part then thank you for taking your time to read all of this. :3


    Xbox Live Gamertag:


    Maybe this gif of Baby Groot bringing his all will be even laggier ahahahahahaaha
    Seriously tho

    (っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ Haii ♥

    My IGN on BL is Firefox1318, the same as forum’s.
    You can find me on MM, BP, RUN, and sometimes on BOW, SW, TSW, and D&G.
    I will accept any friend requests :)

    You can also add me on discord at Firefox#1039

    My Bias <3

    My Bias Wrecker To Be <3

    Eddie Redmayne
    (Newt Scamander - Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them)


    Dylan Kingwell
    ( Duncan & Quigley Quagmire - A Series of Unfortunate Events)
    (Bonus - he's only 2 days older than me xd)


    and saving the best for last

    Chris Evans
    (Captain America - The Avengers)
    [​IMG] oml his face tho eeeeeeeeeeeeee
    @Matrix Saphire <3
    @Mc 안녕
    @ReVeLuV ☆♪
    @Sadia Jaan
    @The Crazy Crafters
    I was a really shy girl - I only spoke if someone asked me a question. I somehow got a few friends who I hung out with until Yr 1.

    YEAR 1
    I thought that you couldn't be friends with anyone who isn't in your class. All of my friends were in different classes, so instead of hanging out with them I sat by myself like a loner, watching other people play with each other. I was also scared of the librarian, since I lost a book and was to scared to pay her back. She kept yelling at me to pay for the book, but I never did to this day. So I asked my mum if I can move schools and I did.

    YEAR 2
    I started a new school. I was overwhelmed on the first day - people kept crowding around me and trying to make friends with me. Eventually I did, and I remained friends with them.

    YEAR 3
    I realised that you can be friends with anyone, even if they were in different classes. So I made more friends. I was less shy, but I was still quiet.

    YEAR 4
    I came out of my shell and became an extrovert. I had a lot of friends. The friends that I had from Yrs 2 to 3 I unfriended, since they abandoned me, so I made new friends. One of them was a boy called Noah. He'll be mentioned later. I also developed my first crush on a boy called Harry. However, we got into a fight and I instantly hated him from that day forward. So I grew a new crush on a boy named Hugo. And I also unfriended Noah, and I still don't know why.

    YEAR 5
    A boy called Angus found out about my crush on Hugo and he told him. My crush back then got mad and told me face to face that he didn't like me. And just like Harry, I disliked him from then on. I made some new friends, Hayley and Hugo (another Hugo, who is also my neighbour), and somehow was the top student in my class. I was confident and happy. A little while later in the year, I friended Noah again, and another boy called John.
    In the middle of 2015, I developed a crush on a boy called Jack. He was my crush until Yr 6, and I think he liked me too. After I developed a crush on him, I unfriended Hayley, since she never sat with me again, and remained friends with Noah and John. However, they grew distant, so I unfriended them and made friends with Hayley and her new group of friends.

    YEAR 6
    The friends that I sat with weren't in my class. However, Noah and John were. Noah and John weren't friends anymore. I forgave them both and made friends with them again, and at the same time unfriended Hayley and her group of friends again, since they were now becoming distant. Noah introduced me to his new group of friends, who I dislike now, and we spent our lunches playing tag and card games.
    In the middle of Yr 6 Jack and I got into a fight, and we no longer liked each other. At this point the whole grade had to work on this assignment and the teacher put us into groups. I was in a group with 4 other people. The boys in my group were both popular. Their names were both James.
    I got to know the two James, and over time I grew crushes on them too.

    YEAR 7
    I no longer had crushes on them. They never talked to me again. I made a new friend and unfriended Noah and his friends because at this point they never played any fun games - they just gossiped about random things that I didn't even know about. I hung out with my new friend, but she too was becoming distant, so I befriended Noah and his friends for the last time.

    YEAR 8
    Things weren't looking well. I used to smile every day, and now I have to force myself to. I used to talk and get along with everyone, and now I hardly speak or laugh and is hated by a lot of people. Noah and his friends were becoming distant and rude and inappropriate, so I unfriended them again and hung out with John. But John and his friends became distant too, so one of my classmates befriended me and invited me to sit with her friends, and I did.

    YEAR 9
    I'm still sitting with them to this day, but I can't be myself around them anymore. Some of you may have seen my status on my profile about trying to friend a group of people who I like to hang around with, but if you haven't, here:

    If you see this Kaden, thank you

    You listened to me about my social struggles at school, and how I kept making new friends and unfriending lots of people, and how no matter who i friend I can't be myself

    You told me about the people who i wanted to friend and how they shared the same interests as me, and how i could actually be myself when with them

    You gave me advice on making new friends, on making smart choices that impact how i feel.

    You are the first person who knows about my social awkwardness and my wish to fit in with you and your friends

    You were the first person who listened to me - the first out of who knows what, but it's a big number.

    I was happy in Middle School: in yr 6 I was the happiest. Noah, a few others that are still his friends, and I would play tag and card games and it was so much fun

    But in Yr 7 we stopped playing tag and the card games. They all got Snapchat and Insta and ignored my existence. Twice I left them, and i came back to them once

    I was still unhappy, they were still ignoring me and now they were twice as worst. So in Term 4 last year I left them and hung out with Amelia

    Your friendship group sat near mine, next to the library. I saw how happy you guys were together, and I realised that I wanted to hang out with you too

    But I, being my socially awkward self, was too shy and never asked to sit with you guys. So here I am, feeling more alone and the hope of being myself gone

    But today you gave me back the hope of finding people to be myself around with, and I can't ever thank you enough.

    Now I'm crying xd

    Thank you Kaden
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