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Feb 20, 2019
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Jan 5, 2005 (Age: 16)
A skybase


•Retired Staff•, Male, 16, from A skybase

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For all of the stalkers that have demanded me to make an autobiography, there you have it! Dec 1, 2021 at 12:51 AM

    1. Dz81
      No more fancy tags D:
    2. MCFAZfoz
      This dude deserves happiness :)
    3. CosmoCqt
    4. Selp
      dang. I remember when we used to grind tsw in late 2018 to 2019. I miss those times. time just went by so fast. now ur staff and got a girl by ur side. hope u the best in life bro
    5. KyLaurenn
      wathcitso good luck and goodbye mr jambon even tho discord is still a thing
    6. loominah
    7. MCFAZfoz
      I will miss you ham :( I will miss when you were an emerald member and we used to talk in tsw lobby :(

      سافتقدك يا صديقي العزيز *صحيح ما عرفنا بعضنا لفترة بس ههه :( ايه
    8. Insxnity
      I know we met recently and everything. But I want you to know that if we have fun being with you! :)
    9. Rubyyy_
      i already did this on allys profile but i am going to need to do it here too >:]
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      2. Rubyyy_
        thank you for everything youve done for brokelens itself and everyone else here, youve def made my grm better from half of the time not having anyone talk and the other half people saying random stuff
        Aug 20, 2021
      3. Rubyyy_
        im gonna miss being called a brlns celeb, idk where it started, or how or when, but ima miss it, even tho im not, still made me happy being called one
        Aug 20, 2021
      4. Rubyyy_
        thank you for everything and i hope you have a good rest of ur life :) i hope you atleast ocasionally stop by on forums to say hi to everyone :] bye ham!! love uu
        Aug 20, 2021
    10. Eyow189
      Baii baiii proo TT *wipes tears
    11. _HamsomeHam_
      This community will always have a special place in my heart, I love you all! <3
    12. _PineappleDeath_
    13. calmly
      Hammy, I haven't played with u yet but Ik that you're really an awesome person. Goodluck in your journey! Take care!
    14. Flikxtah05
      Goodbye... Take care and goodluck on what path you've chosen on life... Hopefully you'll spare us some time if you're free!
    15. Voniblynn
    16. Shive
      Bye, good luck in everything, even tho we dont know each other like that too much, I think ur a great and cool person and Ima miss seeing u on here. Take care!
    17. MiaWebo
      Goodbye b-day twin Ham </3
    18. KhoaDiamondVN45
      Bye and good luck in life I'll miss you :<
    19. Dz81
    20. Reco_
      we'll miss u Ham <3
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    Jan 5, 2005 (Age: 16)
    A skybase
    Minecraft Username:
    Hello and welcome to my incredibly boring autobiography where I will be talking about myself so you stalkers get to know more about me! (so egg-citing ik).

    First of all I'll start by my origins, I am originally Syrian but I was born in the UAE (United Arab Emirates) where I lived 13 years of my life before immigrating to Canada, Québec. My date of birth is the 5th of January 2005 and I currently speak 3 languages! Arabic, English and French.

    As for Brokenlens, I was introduced to this server by my cousin and my main account was officially created the 21st of July 2017. I then proceeded to try all games that seemed interesting to me and when I got to SkyWars I actually liked it and played a few more games since I was doing good and was getting wins on it already. After a while of playing SkyWars and winning over and over again the game seemed a bit boring to me because I wanted more challenge, that's when I decided to play TeamSkyWars! And in fact, I found TSW more challenging and more fun fighting multiple people at once so ever since then, I started tryharding that game on a daily basis, I started getting on leader boards and started gaining fame and friends with time, which attached me even more to the server! Today I'm on the all time leader board of TSW with over 10k wins, my highest placement on the leader board was 2nd place, I don't know what's my placement right now but I don't care much anymore since I decided to quit the server to focus on my studies and my life in general.

    And this part may be the only interesting part about this entire autobiography, how I became a staff member and how was that experience.
    When I got quite famous on the server and started having a lot of friends, I decided to make a staff application because I really loved the server and becoming a part of the staff team was one of my dreams because:

    1. I will be able to ban hackers and won't suffer having them in my games anymore.
    2. I will gain more fame!
    3. I was curious how the ban system works and all that stuff.
    4. I enjoy helping people and solving problems.

    All those reasons were why I decided to make an application to become a part of the staff team, but what did it take to become one? Just a few simple things. A good application, PATIENCE and simply be nice and mature (don't act like it, it must be natural). The day I got accepted as a staff member was a massive surprise to me, I didn't know what to do at the start despite having an entire convo explaining how everything works. I had someone teach me how everything works from the server and from there as I kept attending reports and banning hackers I got used to it. Now to what I think about that position, I will start by the positives:

    1. The staff team is very friendly and welcoming, it's like a family.
    2. You get to be more famous around the server.
    3. Staff commands make you travel around the server very easily + /nick when you get promoted to trial+!
    4. The appreciation you get for helping! (even when it's not expressed by a thanks, it still feels good!).

    And now the negatives:
    1. The work may sometimes be overwhelming while you're the only staff online.
    2. Certain people will hate you for simply existing and will start talking from behind you and probably share false rumors about you, etc (jealousy basically).
    3. You need to be very careful as you make your decision on whether someone is breaking the rules or not and there's no way of making both sides happy when it comes to a report.

    Overall, being staff was a great opportunity for me to make friends, help people and get to know more about people in general.


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