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Some of you already know about the development of a "secret" website, but now it's official! The beta for our new and redesigned web hub is open to the public! Feel free to report any bugs that you might find in this web app.

Spooktober Edition [Part 2]
The Halloween part two update is here with new content!

Here are the NEW features in this update:

  • 3 new MurderMystery Maps
  • 3 New SkyWars/Team SkyWars
  • 1 New MicroBattles Map
  • 3 New BlockParty Maps
  • 1 New HideAndSeek Map
  • 1 New OneInTheChamber Map
  • New ‘Lights Out’ Feature on MurderMystery
▶️ Murder Mystery Maps!
New Maps:

5229EB9F-DEB8-4A3A-A976-1886564D8ABB.png Play on the new spooOoooky jaw-dropping MurderMystery map today! This map also includes a working elevator!

47EDC882-DD0F-49BD-8F7A-E900E02EB2EB.jpeg Ever wondered what an abandoned spooooky school looks like? Well now you can play MurderMystery on the abandoned school map!
Spooktober Edition
The Halloween part one update is here with new content!

Here are the NEW features in this update:
  • Pumpkin heads on ALL NPCs
  • Team QuakeCraft has been added.
  • TheBestBuilders has been added.
  • Mounts are FINALLY back!
  • NEW SpooOooky Halloween Edition HUB.
  • Weather voting, Time voting along with a new GUI in Skywars/Team Skywars!
▶️ Mounts are BACK!
New Cosmetic:

In this new update, mounts are finally back after a long time. Enjoy a cool 200,000 Gold, Zombie horse on our servers now!
Go to the Cosmetics, then Mounts! CA2B81CC-B962-47AA-93D8-576D13D21F65.png
▶️ New Time and Weather Voting in SW/TSW!
New Feature:

Now not only can you choose the map in SkyWars and TeamSkywars, Now you can choose the weather and time! Don’t like maps in the day? No worries, now you can vote for the map in Night time! Don’t like maps with snow? No worries either! Now you can vote for maps with clear weather!
▶️ Pumpkin Heads on all NPCs!...​
Giveaway finished.

WINNER: @ToxicNail34

Congratulations ToxicNail34! And thanks everyone who participated in the giveaway, expect more giveaways coming soon! :D


The spooktober is here and it is also time for a giveaway!
We will be giving away an emerald rank. You just have to click on the link below and login!

  • You need to login with a valid account or email so we can contact you when the giveaway is over.
  • You can complete more than one action to earn more entries, the more you complete the more you increase your chances to win.
  • The emerald rank will be set on your personal account, you can't give it to a friend.
Good luck and Happy Halloween!
(Build Team Applications)

Well it has been a while since the applications have not been open, but the time has come and it’s a whole lot easier to apply! We are no longer using Google Forms for applications, instead we are using our own website to apply.

  • Valid Email Address
  • A DISCORD account
  • A BrokenLens server account
  • Screenshots of your past builds

Good luck!

(Just because you apply, does NOT mean you will get accepted)
View attachment 77306
That's right!,

We have been giving out small spoilers to players and users of the forums and Discord although the time has come to reveal we ain't egging / fooling around! This is an Official Giveaway giving the chance to earn a EMERALD rank on our network!

But that's not all!,

We are also giving away 2 runner up prizes which will be 1 DIAMOND and 1 GOLD rank! For all of those who are interested in this amazing opportunity please read all the rules below! We wish the best of luck to everyone who participates.

All your builds will be judged by some of the highest in the build team including @Diavent so all builds will be voted fairly!

No copying! We will be checking Google, Amino. Bing and any other Minecraft related builds to make sure players have used their own creativity and imagination when entering.

No entering for a friend! We will be checking to make sure this rule is followed.

You must have a finished build! Your build can be anything inspired by Easter as long as it's not inappropriate or "too" religious. Your build must be complete otherwise it will be rejected!

Do not ask staff to vote for you! Anyone who does this will be INSTANTLY Denied and will not be able to participate. Please wait the full date until the giveaway is closed and the judges review.

No use of external programs / mods! Anyone who is found to have used WorldEdit or any other external program / mod / addon to their Minecraft game will be instantly rejected.

Only ONE map per player will be accepted! Anyone who submits map WIP's etc will be counted as their map so don't show it unless it's completely finished. Since only one map per player is accepted, you must...
To apply for staff, you can now go to this link
You log in using your server username (IGN) and password, and fill in the application.

GL to everyone submitting an application :D

Side note: If you have submitted an application via conversation you don't really need to make another one if you don't want to.
First of all i would like to thank all 131 contestants for entering. I know it will be a really slight chance that you will have been picked but remember this was a really fun idea that i thought of in order to help more players join the forums as well as try any make new friends as well as a great way for players to interact.

Disclaimer: The numbers picked below have came from a random number generator from one to one hundred and thirty one, This is to make sure everyone has a fair chance and that we aren't just picking favourites.


1st Raffle Number is: 108

2nd Raffle Number: 88

3rd Raffle Number: 60

4th Raffle Number: 123

5th & Final Number: 46

Your ranks will be set onto your accounts shortly.

For those who didn't win there will be more giveaways soon to come so don't worry! Once again thanks to everyone who entered and have a great day / afternoon / evening!
On BrokenLens we want everyone to have the best experience possible. To help achieve this, we have some rules/limitations that the staff team have created to keep the server fun and fair for everyone. An updated list of rules is listed below. However, our rules are not limited to those listed.
If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments feel free to leave them below.

All rules apply to all players equally. Regardless of rank, level, or stats.

Server Wide (apply on all BrokenLens servers)

Offence > Punishment > Description

Abusing/Bullying > 2 day ban (longer if offence is repeated) > Excessive abuse/bullying of another player

Advertising (Channel) > 10 day ban > Advertising a channel with no BrokenLens content

Advertising (Server) > Permanent ban > Advertising the IP address of another server

Bypassing (Ban) > Permanent ban > Using another account to access the server while one of their accounts is banned

Bypassing (Mute) > Ban for same amount of time as mute > Using another account to chat while one of their accounts is muted

Chargeback > Permanent ban

Excessive Bans > Permanent ban > Five or more bans of a legitimate reason

Glitch Exploiting > 7 day ban > Abusing any server or minecraft glitch to benefit themselves

Hacking > Permanent ban > Hacks of any kind

Impersonating Staff > 3 day ban + 6 day mute > Pretending to be a staff member

Inappropriate Language > 1-3 day mute (Chat) / 1 day ban (Trm/Crm) > Crude language towards other in chat or messages

Inappropriate Links > 5 day ban > Links containing porn, racial/ religious content, Ect.

Inappropriate Roleplay* > 2 day mute > Roleplay that does not follow our roleplay guidelines

Inappropriate Skin > 1 day ban > Skins containing genitalia or anything else a staff member deems inappropriate

Invisible Skin** > 1 day ban > Skins that do not fit our guidelines for skin size

Offensive Username > Permanent ban > Having a username directly offending another user or staff...
Hey everyone!,

A few days ago I said we would start hosting up a giveaway soon. I am happy to say that this is the first one! Good luck to you all and remember to read all the rules listed in the photo below. (Any posts not related to the giveaway will not be counted.)

View attachment 63501
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