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Hi everyone! how are you? :mrgreen:
Today we are very proud to announce a new maps update built by our amazing
BrokenLens Build Team and community. Special thanks to @vertx for all of his hard work once again for adding these 28 awesome looking maps into the server!

First, we have 2 new lobbies built by our talented
BrokenLens Build Team!




Hi everyone! The build team will be accepting new members again.
Here is a link to the application:


Some things to consider when applying:

Try to write something about yourself so I can get to know you- I'm always sad when people write "I'm Sam and I'm 13 years old"
I'd love to hear your hobbies outside Brokenlens or why you love to build- anything about you more than your name and age :p

You can only add 4 pictures so choose wisely- please do not send 4 pictures of the same build unless you built a whole village- when someone sends me 4 sides of the same house I'm less likely to accept because it doesn't give me a strong enough idea of your capabilities as a builder :eek:

Keep in mind you will not be judged on your building skills alone- we are looking for people who can get along well with others- as a builder you represent Brokenlens so a good attitude goes a long way :D

Last but not least- some of our build team has the "kick" command- this was given to the builders that had been on the team a long time- any new builders will NOT have this command unless it is decided between myself and the admin at a later date :rolleyes:

Thank you for reading and good luck♡

P.S. If you have applied in the past and didn't get accepted- don't be discouraged- please fill out a new application


Today along with these 50 NEW MAPS brought to you by our amazing forum members and BrokenLens Build Team, today we are also releasing a new PvP game mode with 10 BRAND NEW MAPS!



If you are a MobWars player, this game should need no presentation! Our players have been asking for a Solo version of MobWars probably ever since it was released, so here it is folks! :p

MobWars and MobWarsSolo share many similarities, mainly when it comes to the in-game shop, so most strategies you have come up for the regular version of...
Hi everyone! :)If you've tried to submit a staff application (for helper) in the past few days, you may have noticed that we added more questions to the form. That is one of the few changes that have been made to the application system. Because of these added questions, and just having a ton of old, outdated application cluttering up the place, we've decided to start fresh, and get rid of all the applications submitted before the question changes
So if you already submitted an application, and you're still interested, you will have to make a new one with the updated questions, and if there's anything you didn't like about you original application, now's the chance to fix it xD

Now, currently, if you try to visit the application page it looks like this

This is because applications will now only be accepted on certain days, currently it's planned to be every other weekend, but may end up being more or less often, depending how many applications we get.
This is meant to filter out people who make staff applications just because they can, but who don't actually have any motivation to become a staff member, as well as just making them more convenient to review in a timely manner xD

Here are the current questions for those who want to write their applications ahead of time
What language(s) do you feel comfortable moderating in?

Biography (tell us a bit about yourself)

Why would you like to be part of the BrokenLens staff team?

How do you respond to criticism?

What's one way you think the staff team could be improved?

Good luck everyone! :)
Hey everyone! I'm making this thread to let you all know that we have a new type of staff member that we're calling 'server mods'. They will have ranks/perms on the server, but not the forums. We're starting out with 4 of them :p
Their responsibilities will pretty much just be to help out on server, looking for/banning people breaking rules, helping players who need help, etc.
To start with, they're going to have the normal helper rank on the server and none on forums, but we will most likely make them a rank for the forums that doesn't have perms, but identifies them as a staff member. And if we feel they need their own rank on the server we may add that as well, but this is kind of a test run, so we'll get feedback from our new staff and make changes as needed :D @joongie @utopiia @_HamsomeHam_ @Angi_MSG
SHIPLOAD of New Maps!

Hi everyone! how are you all? :D

We are proud to announce a
SHIPLOAD of New Maps update built by our amazing BrokenLens Build Team and staff members! A big HUGE thank you to our awesome owner @vertx for all of his hard work on these months to make all of this possible. We also should be thankful for all the BrokenLens Build Team members and some of our staff members for creating these awesome looking maps for this update!

You can check out the full list of
SHIPLOAD of New Maps update down below. You can also use the prismarine shard item in the game to access the same list!

First we have 4 new lobbies built by our amazing
BrokenLens Build Team! lots of effort have been put on these lobbies so go check them out and explore!

Hello All! :D

SOOooooo this surely took a while but here am I to reveal our newest game!


You may have already heard this name around BrokenLens before but what you may not have heard is what this game is about! :D

KrAzYKarts is a fast-paced and KrAzY kart racing game, where 12 racers with KrAzY karts will compete to cross the finish line first! the better your position, the more EXP, Coins and KrAzY Points you earn! did I say KrAzY enough yet? :p

Along the way, you can collect power-ups and apples that will help you get rid of those other pesky racers! just blow them all up! make them slip on banana peels, or better yet, just ZoOm past everybody using boosts! the purpose of the apples are very simple, when you collect 10 of them they make your power-ups MOAH POWarful! but beware! it's pretty easy to lose your...
Hi everyone! We hope everyone is doing well within these crazy times! :laugh: over the past few days the BrokenLens staff team has been working together to create 6 new rules to make everyone’s gameplay much more fair.

  • Excessive Mutes > 5 day ban > 7+ mutes all with a year
  • Inappropriate skin > 2 day ban > skins containing inappropriate images, logos, body parts or anything else a staff member feels is inappropriate.
  • Inappropriate crew > 5 day ban > founder is temporarily banned
  • Kill / win farming > 2 day ban > farming wins or kills (etc) in specific games
  • Cussing / spam in pvt > general muting rules apply
  • Targeting in splatter > 1 day ban > killing the same specific person 5+ times in a row.
once we have everything situated we’ll go into more detail and post threads on the two rules that could potentially be more confusing, like how to report inappropriate crews and people farming wins & kills. For the time being we’ll have a brief explanation here :)

Inappropriate crews > whenever wanting to report an inappropriate crew you MUST see the crew in game. Example:
you are not allowed to search up whichever crew using the Brlns app. You have to see someone who happens to be in an inappropriate crew win a game, it doesn’t matter if it’s a member or not, as long as the crew is being publicly shown to the server we will temporarily ban the founder. Until we have a more convenient way to delete inappropriate crews this is the only action we will be taking, you are not allowed to report the same inappropriate crew more than once. With this rule we hope to limit the amount of inappropriate crews constantly created and punish the users who’ve created bad ones already.

Farming wins / kills > once we decide on which games you aren’t allowed to farm in, those will be publicized but until then you overall shouldn’t farm on ANY games. For the time...
Hey all! Happy June :p sorry for no event last week, Maddie and I both got really busy xD but to make up for it, we actually got something that's going to make the big event better than it was going to be! we don't have a new planned day for it yet, but we might drop some hints soon ;)

Anyway, in honour of June being pride month, Maddie and I wanted to do an event for it :mrgreen: we have a lovely little LGBTQ+ community here and thought it would be nice to do something special for you! Of course anyone can participate in this event if they want xD Just want to let you know, you're all amazing people, and I hope you enjoy this :superhappy:

Pride Event

Hi everyone! I already have some great applications from so many potential builders but I wanted to put out there that I will probably be selecting some new build team members soon. If you are interested in applying I recommend showing a variety of work- it only allows four pictures so chose wisely. Thank you in advance for your applications :3


Note to potential builders: We definitely take into account your attitude towards others. We have had to get rid of builders before for being confrontational/saying inappropriate things. It does not matter how good your building skills are if you can't get along well with others. As a builder you represent Brokenlens- we only want people who can do that in a positive way- something to keep in mind for all you potential builders.

*As you all may or may not know some of our builders have the ability to "kick" hackers off of the server. This was added to the group we had who had been builders for 3 months to almost 3 years. At the time this ability was added we gave it to all of them but it is NOT something new builders will or do have. I asked Vertx to remove it from the new Builder rank as it is something the higher admin and I decided should be decided upon in the future on an individual basis. I don't want people to join the build team solely to get this "kick" ability- I want people to join the build team because they want to build maps for the community. It may not ever be given to some builders or if we all decide someone is ready it could be months to years before a new builder gets the command.
Thank you~Ally :inlove:
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