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Hey all! Happy June :p sorry for no event last week, Maddie and I both got really busy xD but to make up for it, we actually got something that's going to make the big event better than it was going to be! we don't have a new planned day for it yet, but we might drop some hints soon ;)

Anyway, in honour of June being pride month, Maddie and I wanted to do an event for it :mrgreen: we have a lovely little LGBTQ+ community here and thought it would be nice to do something special for you! Of course anyone can participate in this event if they want xD Just want to let you know, you're all amazing people, and I hope you enjoy this :superhappy:

Pride Event
Hi everyone! I already have some great applications from so many potential builders but I wanted to put out there that I will probably be selecting some new build team members soon. If you are interested in applying I recommend showing a variety of work- it only allows four pictures so chose wisely. Thank you in advance for your applications :3

Note to potential builders: We definitely take into account your attitude towards others. We have had to get rid of builders before for being confrontational/saying inappropriate things. It does not matter how good your building skills are if you can't get along well with others. As a builder you represent Brokenlens- we only want people who can do that in a positive way- something to keep in mind for all you potential builders.
Hey guys! We firstly wanna start off saying how happy it made us seeing everyone enjoy the last event! This time we’ve decided not to make it as extreme since.. next Saturday will be a HUGE one you won’t wanna miss out on! :D

Scavenger Hunt
Your first task will be to find ALL 5 (you can count edwjusti’s pet if you can’t find the 5th one) staff pets and screenshot them - once you find those and post them here, head back to the Main Hub where you’ll find 42 staff & builder npc’s, all throughout the areas npc’s are will be multiple clues for the next event which you’ll have to piece together, you’ll have to put your spy abilities to the test! If you can find all 7 messages you might be able to figure out valuable information nobody else knows, not even the other staff members.. although, there could be a few trick questions along the way so you’ll have to carefully search high and low, far and wide too! :p
But wait! If you’re gonna be a secret agent! You’ll have to put your secretive abilities to the test as well, if you release whatever information you might figure out to your friends or the public you’ll be thrown to uhmm.. *reads script* mega bega mean bean land? and.. automatically disqualified from the next event!

you could make this into a fun get together with your friends and hunt...
Congrats @_HammyMaegan_ !​

Heyo everyone! :laugh: So, I’m sure you’re all wondering what the heck is going on and.. we’ll tell you! Me and @WarriorGirl3333 have decided every (or every other, depending on the time or situation) Saturday-Sunday we’ll host an event, in our own special ways! The unofficial start was the Slime Trampoline and this time.. it’ll be.. a maze!! :eek:

Woah woah woah, slow down! First you’ll have to read the WHOLE thread otherwise you won’t know all the rules. You can find the maze in TeamQuakeCraft and QuakeCraft, once you’re there follow the Yellow and Orange flowers which’ll lead you to the Maze. It’s nothing fancy, although this event will be held until Monday night - so you’ve got till then to explore!
Hey Guys! So now, im gonna teach you How to use an BL APP?
Follow this tutorial :

1. Download the APP
Link : BrokenLens APP

2. How to use it?
  • Firstly, you can see the many BL games, if you open it, theres have All-Time Leaderboards, and have a "ADD Server" button (if you want to add the BL mini games servers like MM, SW, etc.. or if you want to spawn directly at that mini games servers) that's called "Home"
  • At the upper right, there's have a Search button (you can search any players) and an "Profile" you must log in to open your account and you can chat to your friends/crew members while you using an APP, then at the the bottom side, there's have "Home" , "Leaderboards", "Crews", "Notifications", and an "Store".
3. About your Profile
  • Once you logged in, you will see your own profile, and your stats too. There's have an "Achivements" , "Games" (Counts your wins and losses) and "Friends" (Arrange by Alphabetical order and by online order)
4. About Notifications
  • You will received an Notifs. when someone sent you an Friend request or someone invited you to a Party (but it will expire soon)
5. About Store
  • In the store, you can see many items, VIP ranks and etc.. you will see the Prices depending to your country's currency. theres have GOLD, DIAMOND,...
Today we can announce that our BrokenLens app has grown up completely and is no longer in Beta. To celebrate this, there is a new option for our players who have no rank! Want to see your friend's stats but don't have a rank? Watch an Ad to unlock all profile information!

Hellow everyone! I know I don’t normally post threads too often, but hereeeee.. we are! This isn’t too big of a deal, but we just wanted to let you guys know. :p

Anyways, you guys should use /report more often - it’s now much more convenient for us and we’ll be notified while on the server whenever a new one pops up, so if some of you don’t have too many staff on your friends list or maybe don’t see any staff on (friend notify, etc.) you could definitely /report them and we’ll check it out, but please be sure not to spam the reports with false / spammy stuff, thanks!ヽ(‘ ∇‘ )ノ

(Although, you guys should still take some screenshots of the rule breakers anyways, just in case no staff are able to get to the report.)
Hiya everyone!! :laugh:

Once again, we’re proud to announce the boatload of maps built by our fantastic build team, staff members, and forums members! We’re all looking forward to you guys playing on them, our awesome owner @vertx has worked super hard to upload all these for us, so let’s give him a HUGE thank you for all his hard work. We should also thank all our builders / forums members who create these maps! (ノ^∇^)

You can check out the full list of new maps below, and you can also use the Prismarine Shard item in-game to access the same list!

**NOTE** all the names of the maps are listed below the actual screenshot - Map list:

Firstly, we have a new MB lobby! So go check it out guys! :D


MB lobby by: @Alfarizi & @_Ian2Chill

Abandoned Houses by: @lucas1901


SkyScrapers by: @_TrenzK_


Temple by: @SlayCC



Prison by: @AllyMac_


Sea by:...​

The official list of BrokenLens MurderMystery maps.
If there are problems on certain maps, please report it in here: and contact the builders.
Builders: @ZoeyLynne @AllyMac_ @Builderwither @Alfarizi @_TrenzK_ @KhrizKGM @_Ian2Chill @Itzlocket @SlayCC @lucas1901 @ToxicFloof


























These are all the maps for now.
New maps are...
Hey Guys! :D

Today, once again, I'm proud to announce a truckload of new maps built by our amazing build team, staff members, and forum members!
Before I begin I wanna say that this is definitely a two part update, we've got a couple more exciting things in the works (and more maps), as some of you know. but for now let's take a look at these amazing, gorgeous new maps! :laugh:

You can check out the full list of new maps below, and you can also use the Prismarine Shard item in-game to access the same list!

Map List:


Check out the new, amazing Splatter lobby!

  • Inkopolis Times Square by @_TrenzK_ - BrokenLens Build Team

Go explore it now! :D

Splatter also has a new waiting room in case you missed out on that!


  • Rapunzels Tower by @AllyMac_ - BrokenLens Build Team

  • Village by @Alfarizi - BrokenLens Build Team

  • Garden by...
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