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Well would you look at that... my old mafia game is coming back again!

Heres a little introduction sort of thing for people who haven’t seen these from me before or if you need a refresher:
With my style of Mafia I turn it into a story and leave subtle or not so subtle hints on who the killers/mafia are. The killers and every other role I choose to add are selected at random and will conduct their actions in a conversation with me. After every “day” or thread I post everyone gets to discuss in the thread who they think the killers are and vote them out, voted players have their roles revealed in the next “day”. Also players killed have their roles revealed and dead players cannot vote

Now just a few rules... if you break them you’re immediately “killed” in the game.

1. No showing your conversations with roles! I had this issue before and it ruined the game

2. Have fun! This is a game and is meant to be fun for everyone. Please don’t ruin that

Possible Roles:
Mafia (2) - kills one person per day try to avoid being voted out
Doctor (2) - can save someone from being killed unless it’s from the Bounty Hunter
Traitor (3) - tries to keep mafia from being voted out
Innocent - vote out mafia and survive
Bounty Hunter (1) - gets 1 shot without fail to kill someone then becomes innocent

The amount of each role will be decided later depending on how many sign up...

1. Dz
2. Yuxxa
3. Calmly
4. Secret
5. Ally
6. Ham
7. Zabby
8. Angi
9. Dark
10. Eyow
11. Kim
12. Maddie
13. Trenz
14. Khriz
15. Lucas
16. Tem
17. PenPen
18. Gab
19. Slicer
20. Puff
21. Maegan
22. Voni
23. Fury
24. Jai
25. Contingency
26. Mr. Cheese (Kimmy)
27. Aiden
28. Sheriff
29. Mist
30. Ruby
31. BoyMahdi
32. Shive
33. Duck
34. Juno
35. Ryu

is someone who builds maps for all types of minigames on BrokenLens Games. The BrokenLens Build Team build maps for any and every gamemode by all of our choice. We also build seasonal lobbies together as a team other than individual maps or lobbies.


We are looking for experienced builders who can work well in a team and work independently. They are responsible for creating the physical worlds explored by thousand of players playing on the BrokenLens Network.

There is no age requirement when applying for BUILDER as long as you are mature enough and have enough capibility to work as a BUILDER. Therefore, the most important thing is to show your best talents in your application. We would like to see people create something amazing and unique for our server.

Some people have already noticed and commented to me so I will make a small announcement- I am retiring from the build team- it's been a great almost two years of building and moving through the ranks- I have had such a great time as a builder and will most likely still make a map here or there but my life has gotten so busy and something had to give- thank you to everyone for your support throughout my journey- I am staying on as a Global Moderator but I unfortunately probably won't be as active as I had been in the past- I am so happy that Trenz will be the new Build Team captain! He deserves it and I'm sure he will do an excellent job!!! ♡ @_TrenzK_ Congratulations on Build Team Captain ♡ I'm sure you will make me proud :D
Bigggg congratulations to @_TrenzK_ for accepting
the Buildteam Co-Captain role!! Wooohoooo Trenz!!

Hi everyone! how are you? :mrgreen:
Today we are very proud to announce a new maps update built by our amazing
BrokenLens Build Team and Community. Special thanks to @vertx for all of his hard work once again for adding these 28 awesome looking maps into the server!

First, we have 2 new lobbies built by our talented
BrokenLens Build Team!




Hi everyone! The build team will be accepting new members again.
Here is a link to the application:


Some things to consider when applying:

Try to write something about yourself so I can get to know you- I'm always sad when people write "I'm Sam and I'm 13 years old"
I'd love to hear your hobbies outside Brokenlens or why you love to build- anything about you more than your name and age :p

You can only add 4 pictures so choose wisely- please do not send 4 pictures of the same build unless you built a whole village- when someone sends me 4 sides of the same house I'm less likely to accept because it doesn't give me a strong enough idea of your capabilities as a builder :eek:

Keep in mind you will not be judged on your building skills alone- we are looking for people who can get along well with others- as a builder you represent Brokenlens so a good attitude goes a long way :D

Last but not least- some of our build team has the "kick" command- this was given to the builders that had been on the team a long time- any new builders will NOT have this command unless it is decided between myself and the admin at a later date :rolleyes:

Thank you for reading and good luck♡

P.S. If you have applied in the past and didn't get accepted- don't be discouraged- please fill out a new application


Today along with these 50 NEW MAPS brought to you by our amazing forum members and BrokenLens Build Team, today we are also releasing a new PvP game mode with 10 BRAND NEW MAPS!



If you are a MobWars player, this game should need no presentation! Our players have been asking for a Solo version of MobWars probably ever since it was released, so here it is folks! :p

MobWars and MobWarsSolo share many similarities, mainly when it comes to the in-game shop, so most strategies you have come up for the regular version of the game should...
Hi everyone! :)If you've tried to submit a staff application (for helper) in the past few days, you may have noticed that we added more questions to the form. That is one of the few changes that have been made to the application system. Because of these added questions, and just having a ton of old, outdated application cluttering up the place, we've decided to start fresh, and get rid of all the applications submitted before the question changes
So if you already submitted an application, and you're still interested, you will have to make a new one with the updated questions, and if there's anything you didn't like about you original application, now's the chance to fix it xD

Now, currently, if you try to visit the application page it looks like this

This is because applications will now only be accepted on certain days, currently it's planned to be every other weekend, but may end up being more or less often, depending how many applications we get.
This is meant to filter out people who make staff applications just because they can, but who don't actually have any motivation to become a staff member, as well as just making them more convenient to review in a timely manner xD

Here are the current questions for those who want to write their applications ahead of time
What language(s) do you feel comfortable moderating in?

Biography (tell us a bit about yourself)

Why would you like to be part of the BrokenLens staff team?

How do you respond to criticism?

What's one way you think the staff team could be improved?

Good luck everyone! :)
Hey everyone! I'm making this thread to let you all know that we have a new type of staff member that we're calling 'server mods'. They will have ranks/perms on the server, but not the forums. We're starting out with 4 of them :p
Their responsibilities will pretty much just be to help out on server, looking for/banning people breaking rules, helping players who need help, etc.
To start with, they're going to have the normal helper rank on the server and none on forums, but we will most likely make them a rank for the forums that doesn't have perms, but identifies them as a staff member. And if we feel they need their own rank on the server we may add that as well, but this is kind of a test run, so we'll get feedback from our new staff and make changes as needed :D @joongie @utopiia @_HamsomeHam_ @Angi_MSG
SHIPLOAD of New Maps!

Hi everyone! how are you all? :D

We are proud to announce a
SHIPLOAD of New Maps update built by our amazing BrokenLens Build Team and staff members! A big HUGE thank you to our awesome owner @vertx for all of his hard work on these months to make all of this possible. We also should be thankful for all the BrokenLens Build Team members and some of our staff members for creating these awesome looking maps for this update!

You can check out the full list of
SHIPLOAD of New Maps update down below. You can also use the prismarine shard item in the game to access the same list!

First we have 4 new lobbies built by our amazing
BrokenLens Build Team! lots of effort have been put on these lobbies so go check them out and explore!

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