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Hello all,

This is a short announcement to state that we have entered an agreement with NetherGames Network for their use of our play.brlns.net and play.brokenlens.xyz subdomains for an undetermined period of time now that BrokenLens is no longer there.
We're not affiliated with them in any way, and the content accessible via our game subdomains will be of sole responsibility of NetherGames Network.

On a similar note since many of you asked, we have decided to decline PatarHD's offer to co-own the server. Sadly, as generous as he was, among other reasons we just did not have the energy to continue BrokenLens moving forward,
We deeply appreciate the offer however. We wish great success for his youtube channel and are very thankful for the consideration and all the support he's given us through his content.

Thank you everyone for the good memories and all the years of continued support <3
You will be missed, BrokenLens.
Hello everybody,

Today, I come with more bad news for BrokenLens.

Following up on https://www.brlns.net/forums/threads/brokenlens-needs-your-support.140110/
our campaign back in December was able to keep the gears turning around here for a few more months, and for that I thank everyone who helped out. A special thanks goes for those who sent in donations as well, it was an incredibly generous act and some of you single handedly covered multiple of our hosting bills.

Unfortunately though, during the past 2 months, BrokenLens only generated negative revenue yet again, there hasn't been enough sales to cover all of our next hosting bills even after exploring cheaper options. we do need quite a lot of resources to keep the network up and running.

You also may have noticed we haven't been pushing out updates as quick as we did in the past, and honestly, part of the reason is the lack of motivation, perspective and joy that I, Gabriel, once had working for BrokenLens.
I personally have been feeling really unwell both mentally and physically with the situation we are going through, be it all the burn out, be it the loss of revenue and subsequently the inability of keeping both myself and the server up even after investing my own funds in it, be it our dwindling player counts through the years, be it the unfair competition we've gathered after featured servers were introduced (In Mojang's own words: there isn't a process of application to become a featured server, Mojang simply decides who they will choose to become featured. - essentially deciding which servers succeed and which servers fail. Featured servers not only have access to a broader audience, but also, among other things, access to essential tools to be able to steadily keep up with new game updates. Let me ask you guys, is this fair competition?). this whole situation has been dragging on for years and years, and the thing is: it has not been easy.

When we officially launched back in January...
Hi guys! The wait is finally over… we’re re-opening our discord server! However there’ll be some change in things, so, uh, Listen up! :writing:

As some of you may know, we closed the discord server due to toxicity. So let us make one thing very clear, if you break our rules, you will be instantly banned and there will be no second chance. We absolutely do NOT tolerate rule breaking of any sort and especially not toxicity, so if you guys want the server to stay open, please be mindful of that.

we’ll be experimenting with new things and are always open to suggestions, suggestions which you can leave in the suggestions channel. Please know that with experimenting new things we may occasionally have technical difficulties or problems occur. We hope for the best with re-opening the discord, as we know many of you miss it.

✩.﹀﹀.✩ Hey guys! Hope you’re all having an amazing day! ✩.﹀﹀.✩

So this year we’re interested in looking for new and talented builders to become a part of our amazing build team! If you feel like you’re good at building, make sure to apply because who knows, maybe you will get accepted!

•·.·''·.·• •·.·''·.·•·.·''·.·• •·.·''·.·•·.·''·.·• •·.·''·.·•·.·''·.·• •·.·''·.·•·.·''·.·• •·.·''·.·•·.·''·.·• •·.·''·.·•·.·''·.·• •·.·''·.·

But... What exactly is a builder?
A builder is
somebody who designs and builds maps and lobbies for our server.

What do you need to become a builder?
Well we obviously look for people who have impressive building skills. However, since being a builder is considered a staff position, we also look for someone who has a nice attitude since you will be representing our server.

How long will it take to get accepted?
Well, it depends. It won't take as long as applying for helper, since they are completely different staff roles, but we promise it won't be long.

There are a few requirements for becoming a builder which include:
  • A Forums account
  • A Discord account
  • An email address
  • At least 4 pictures of your builds and a biography (for your application)
Make sure to tell us a little bit about yourself! You don’t have to get too personal, maybe just your hobbies and interests, how you found out about BrokenLens and why you chose to apply for builder can be some places to start.

•·.·''·.·• •·.·''·.·•·.·''·.·• •·.·''·.·•·.·''·.·• •·.·''·.·•·.·''·.·• •·.·''·.·•·.·''·.·• •·.·''·.·•·.·''·.·• •·.·''·.·•·.·''·.·• •·.·''·.·

Also, a few of our builders have the ability to kick players off of the server. New builders will not have this ability and it...
Hello everybody,

Today we are coming with some bad news for our players.

As many of you know, over the course of almost 6 years, BrokenLens gathered millions of registered players around the world, a passionate and talented staff team, and ultimately grew to become a big network sporting 24 game modes and supporting every version of Minecraft: Bedrock Edition and Java Edition after versions 1.1 and 1.8 respectively, Xbox and non-Xbox.
From anywhere in the world, from any edition, anytime, people can connect, have fun, and make lasting memories and friendships, be it through our server, app or forums.

As you can imagine, developing, evolving, and maintaining such a big platform up and running is costly and requires a lot of resources.
We currently have no sponsorships, and depend on sales of ranks and tickets to cover up for hosting expenses, find new development talents, and advertise our platform to a broader audience.

We chose never to raise rank prices at our store or make the Emerald rank a subscription, even when fees, taxes and extra hosting expenses needed to respond to demand took a toll on our bottom-line.
This, unfortunately, came with the disadvantage that it severely limited our ability to generate enough monthly revenue to reinvest in hosting and further development of BrokenLens.

And I know this will be upsetting news for some, but today I'm saddened to announce that due to lack of necessary funding to support it, we will be delisting the following game modes in the upcoming days:
- QuakeCraft
- TeamQuakeCraft
- MicroBattles
- TeamSurvivalGames
- SurvivalGames
- DrawAndGuess
- BowSpleef
- TNTTag
- TagHunters
- OneInTheChamber
- TeamBuildBattles

These modes are a huge part of our history, and I know some of you will miss them just as much as we will.
Leaderboards, achievements, map ratings, and stats, however, will remain unaffected and still be accessible from our app.

With your support, however, we do intend to bring these modes back in a...

Halloween Event is now CLOSED! If you still have a submission you weren’t able to finish until 8:00am GMT-6 please message me in a conversation and we’ll see if there’s anything we can do.

thank you all so much for your wonderful entries, you’re all so very talented & creative! we’re so excited to see who’ll win & hope you guys are too! :laugh: All the judges will be deciding the winners sometime today (31st.) once everyone has awaken :p so stay tuned!


[​IMG]Helloooooooooo everyone! Happy spooky season to all! :mask::devilish::clown::hurting::troll::vamp:

We come to you with the spookiest event we’ve had yet! Well ok.. it’s… it’s honestly not that spooky but it’ll be up to you guys to create the spookiest thingies of them all! Well or cute thingies but really it just depends on your personal preference I suppose.. :thinking-face: ANYWAYS!

we know it’s been faaaaar too long since we’ve had an event, but what better time to have one than October! In this Halloween themed event, Me and @Angi_MSG will be giving you guys 3 options to create. But first, rules! :cool:


Hey everyone! The brand new gamemode MobWarsDuos has been released today and this game does not need a presentation since it shares many similarities with MobWars and MobWarsSolo :D. The only difference is the number of players in each team ( 1 Team - 2 Players ) ( 8 Teams - 16 Players Total ) including Red Yellow Green Blue Purple Cyan Magenta and Orange.

A big thank you to @vertx for all of his hard work once again for adding these great updates into the server! You can check out the new update by using the prismarine shard item in your inventory to access the same list. Here is the full map list for MobWarsDuos :

• . * - 2 0 2 1 - * . •
•》 53 NEW MAPS 《•

Hello everyone! The time has come. we meet again on a brand new 2021 BrokenLens Games update. In this huge new update, we are bringing you new maps built by our amazing BrokenLens Build Team and Community, new lobbies for SkyWars / TeamSkyWars, TNTTag,...
Hi everyone!

We are posting this thread regarding account safety so we would like all of you to pay close attention and not skip through any writing. It has come to our attention that lately there has been far too many people getting their accounts stolen, and while we would like to believe most people know well enough not to give away their account information - some people clearly do not. Which is why we would like to touch on a few topics.

First of all; we would never and will NEVER ask for your password. With that being said, if you are ever contacted by an apparent ‘staff member’ and they ask for your password, absolutely do not give it to them or ANYONE else! The only person that should ever have access to your account is you and you only. Once you share your password with others, your account is at risk of being stolen or used improperly.

Earlier today we were contacted by one of the players and told there was someone with the discord name Ally mac#2723 going around impersonating one of our (incredible) staff members and trying to get players to give their passwords. Please do NOT give them, or anyone else, your password or screenshots of your account.

While we were able to quickly notice (without doubt) that this of course wasn’t our Allymac_, we know some people may think it actually is. So with that being said, we would just like everyone to please be careful and pay close attention to whoever they decide to message. Wherever it is a friend or not, you never truly know and once your account is stolen there is only so much we can do in order to get it back depending on the seriousness of the situation.

If you feel like changing your password or think that your password might not be secure enough please contact a Moderator or Admin about it.
- How to contact a Moderator or Admin:
The easiest and most secure way is to start a conversation with one of them;

Here is a list of our current...
Well would you look at that... my old mafia game is coming back again!

Heres a little introduction sort of thing for people who haven’t seen these from me before or if you need a refresher:
With my style of Mafia I turn it into a story and leave subtle or not so subtle hints on who the killers/mafia are. The killers and every other role I choose to add are selected at random and will conduct their actions in a conversation with me. After every “day” or thread I post everyone gets to discuss in the thread who they think the killers are and vote them out, voted players have their roles revealed in the next “day”. Also players killed have their roles revealed and dead players cannot vote

Now just a few rules... if you break them you’re immediately “killed” in the game.

1. No showing your conversations with roles! I had this issue before and it ruined the game

2. Have fun! This is a game and is meant to be fun for everyone. Please don’t ruin that

Possible Roles:
Mafia (2) - kills one person per day try to avoid being voted out
Doctor (2) - can save someone from being killed unless it’s from the Bounty Hunter
Traitor (3) - tries to keep mafia from being voted out
Innocent - vote out mafia and survive
Bounty Hunter (1) - gets 1 shot without fail to kill someone then becomes innocent

The amount of each role will be decided later depending on how many sign up...

1. Dz
2. Yuxxa
3. Calmly
4. Secret
5. Ally
6. Ham
7. Zabby
8. Angi
9. Dark
10. Eyow
11. Kim
12. Maddie
13. Trenz
14. Khriz
15. Lucas
16. Tem
17. PenPen
18. Gab
19. Slicer
20. Puff
21. Maegan
22. Voni
23. Fury
24. Jai
25. Contingency
26. Mr. Cheese (Kimmy)
27. Aiden
28. Sheriff
29. Mist
30. Ruby
31. BoyMahdi
32. Shive
33. Duck
34. Juno
35. Ryu
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