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Hello staff team my friend Darky, ign: axtistic got a gold rank and his exp booster doesnt work. could u please remove the rank and add it back again so it will work?
if u want i can send you his receipt in a conversation
have a great dayy
Today we can announce that our BrokenLens app has grown up completely and is no longer in Beta. To celebrate this, there is a new option for our players who have no rank! Want to see your friend's stats but don't have a rank? Watch an Ad to unlock all profile information!

Hellow everyone! I know I don’t normally post threads too often, but hereeeee.. we are! This isn’t too big of a deal, but we just wanted to let you guys know. :p

Anyways, you guys should use /report more often - it’s now much more convenient for us and we’ll be notified while on the server whenever a new one pops up, so if some of you don’t have too many staff on your friends list or maybe don’t see any staff on (friend notify, etc.) you could definitely /report them and we’ll check it out, but please be sure not to spam the reports with false / spammy stuff, thanks!ヽ(‘ ∇‘ )ノ

(Although, you guys should still take some screenshots of the rule breakers anyways, just in case no staff are able to get to the report.)
Hiya everyone!! :laugh:

Once again, we’re proud to announce the boatload of maps built by our fantastic build team, staff members, and forums members! We’re all looking forward to you guys playing on them, our awesome owner @vertx has worked super hard to upload all these for us, so let’s give him a HUGE thank you for all his hard work. We should also thank all our builders / forums members who create these maps! (ノ^∇^)

You can check out the full list of new maps below, and you can also use the Prismarine Shard item in-game to access the same list!

**NOTE** all the names of the maps are listed below the actual screenshot - Map list:

Firstly, we have a new MB lobby! So go check it out guys! :D


MB lobby by: @Alfarizi & @_Ian2Chill

Abandoned Houses by: @lucas1901


SkyScrapers by: @_TrenzK_


Temple by: @SlayCC



Prison by: @AllyMac_


Sea by:...​

The official list of BrokenLens MurderMystery maps.
If there are problems on certain maps, please report it in here: and contact the builders.
Builders: @ZoeyLynne @AllyMac_ @Builderwither @Alfarizi @_TrenzK_ @KhrizKGM @_Ian2Chill @Itzlocket @SlayCC @lucas1901 @ToxicFloof


























These are all the maps for now.
New maps are...
Hey Guys! :D

Today, once again, I'm proud to announce a truckload of new maps built by our amazing build team, staff members, and forum members!
Before I begin I wanna say that this is definitely a two part update, we've got a couple more exciting things in the works (and more maps), as some of you know. but for now let's take a look at these amazing, gorgeous new maps! :laugh:

You can check out the full list of new maps below, and you can also use the Prismarine Shard item in-game to access the same list!

Map List:


Check out the new, amazing Splatter lobby!

  • Inkopolis Times Square by @_TrenzK_ - BrokenLens Build Team

Go explore it now! :D

Splatter also has a new waiting room in case you missed out on that!


  • Rapunzels Tower by @AllyMac_ - BrokenLens Build Team

  • Village by @Alfarizi - BrokenLens Build Team

  • Garden by...
We're doing a contest to find the best 4D skin model for our mascot. We'll giveaway an emerald rank (if you don't have one already) and a $25 gift card for Amazon or your preferred service of choice.

  • Skin must be using custom Minecraft 3D (geometry) objects.
  • You cannot use a template or files created by other creators, you must create one from scratch.
  • You need to provide images or videos showcasing your creation as well as providing the skin files including the geometry settings.
  • The skin must resemble a squirrel matching our mascot, and preferably holding an acorn.
  • The squirrel can contain clothes but it's not required.
Image for reference:


Contest will end in one month.

Depending on your talent and the quality of your skin we would also be interested in hiring you for future projects related to skins and objects using custom geometry. Visit this page for more info:
We're hiring 4D skin and object creators, if you are interested send me an email.


  • Experience with Minecraft custom 3D objects (geometry), both with skins and full resource packs.
  • Experience with Minecraft's add-on API in order to better integrate your models on our server using its mechanics.
  • Although not required but very appreciated, experience with blockbench to quickly prototype and export skins or entities.
BrokenLens Logo Cape Contest

Hey everyone!

It is time for a contest:
We are hosting this contest to find the best BrokenLens cape for our community to be able to add them to their skins! All you need is creativity, fantasy and some fun at designing!

Some Inspiration :
- it is highly recommended to add design a squirrel on the cape, since it is on of our server symbols
(but it doesn't have to be)
- What comes in your mind when you think about BrokenLens?

The Prizes:
There will be 3 winners!!!
1st place: - This users cape will get accepted
- transfer ticket, friend slots or gold rank - your choice.
2nd place: - transfer ticket or friend slots
3rd place: - transfer ticket or friend slots

When will it end?
The contest will end at the end of July!
Date: 31st July 2019, 12am AEST

Here is some assistance :

☝ Cape Template ☝
Save the template and open it up on your
editing program & start creating a masterpiece :D

☟ Suggestion for Editing Program
~ Medibang ~

How to send Cape :
Please send your final design privately on convo or discord, either one will work!

Have fun & be creative!
May the best cape win!


~ R E S U L T S ~

Huge congratulations to:

1st place: @Anmo
View attachment 188786
anmo cape squrriel.png ...
Hey Guys! :D

Today I'm proud to announce several new maps built by our amazing build team, as well as our community members!

You can check out the list of new maps below, or you can use the Prismarine Shard item in-game to access the same list.


  • The Grand Hotel by @_TrenzK_ - BrokenLens Build Team
  • Cursed Pizzeria by @Maniques - BrokenLens Community


  • Pirates N by @Diavent - BrokenLens Build Team
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